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  • Armed Couples Podcast (Episode 35) (Glen Tate and Shelby Gallahger on their books, prepping in general, and “don’t dare call it a cookbook”)
  • Radio Free Reboubt (Episode 17-29) (Shelby Gallagher on the eclipse and how hordes of spectators might overload the infrastructure system)

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The legendary Survival Podcast interviews:

The laugh-out-loud interview on In the Rabbit Hole:

Joint interview with Stewart Rhodes, founder of Oath Keepers:

Three really good interviews:

  • Radio Free Redoubt (Episode 13-38) (starts at 36:12) (preparing for the rebuilding, the Think Farm, Continuity of Government)
  • Radio Free Redoubt (Episode 13-15) (interview starts at 37:10) (focuses on faith and rebuilding America)
  • Prepper Recon Podcast (Youtube version) (focuses on economic and political reasons for the coming collapse)

The hilarious interviews on the Gun Dudes podcast:

Archive of Past interviews on various podcasts:

My weekly interviews on the Gun Runner Podcast.  These are very informal chats.  It’s two friends talking about all kinds of stuff.

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