I have met so many cool people as a result of the books.  These are people who I listened to or bought their products from before the books came out.  Now they are friends.  A few of them are small sponsors, but most are just people who are cool friends.  The Cool Friends Project is my way of letting all of you know about them.  They are all Patriots.

Ammunition DepotAmmunition Depot
bulk ammunition

medical gear

vehicle customization for bug outs

Gun DudesGun Dudes

Harvest EatingHarvest Eating
food preps and cooking

KentuckyLake Prepper
YouTube channel

Lone Wolf DistributorsLone Wolf Distributors
Glock accessories

horizontal magazine holders for concealed carry – truly innovative

MAGMassad Ayoob Group
firearms training

Oath KeepersOath Keepers
organization supporting military and law enforcement to honor their oaths to uphold the Constitution

The Patriot NursePatriot Nurse
medical courses and YouTube channel

Rifle DynamicsRifle Dynamics
custom AKs

SOE TacticalSOE Tactical
amazing tactical gear

YouTube channel

Survival Gear BagsSurvival Gear Bags
pre-made bug out bags and other tactical gear

Survival StoresSurvival Stores
prepper planning and inventory software

Tactical ResponseTactical Response
firearms training

Tactical Supply
shooting range and gun store

TSP Gear ShopTSP Gear Shop
299 Days merchandise

YouTube channel

Working Mans ArmoryWorking Man’s Armory
the 17th Irregulars AR and custom AKs

Zero Tolerance KnivesZero Tolerance Knives
knives the Team uses in real life