Latest Review:

Audiobook Reviewer (“I couldn’t stop listening.”)

Latest Interview(s):

Armed Couples Podcast (Episode 35) (Glen Tate and Shelby Gallahger on their books, prepping in general, and “don’t dare call it a cookbook”)

Radio Free Reboubt (Episode 17-29) (Shelby Gallagher on the eclipse and how hordes of spectators might overload the infrastructure system)

Video Interviews:

Juggernaut Media Pre-Read Part 1

Juggernaut Media Pre-Read Part 2

Juggernaut Media Pre-Read Part 3


Video Reviews

James Yeager/Tactical Response


Daily Prep

Tactical Tunes (fxhummel1)

Podcast Interviews:

The legendary Survival Podcast interviews:

The Survival Podcast (Episode 990) (focuses on my personal story of why I started prepping)

The Survival Podcast (Episode 1181) (focuses on the Cool Friends Project and rebuilding after the Collapse)

The Survival Podcast (Episode 1319) (movie announcement)

The laugh-out-loud interview on In the Rabbit Hole:

In the Rabbit Hole (Episode 122)

Joint interview with Stewart Rhodes, founder of Oath Keepers:

Radio Free Redoubt (Stewart Rhodes and Glen Tate)

Three really good interviews:

Radio Free Redoubt (Episode 13-38) (starts at 36:12) (preparing for the rebuilding, the Think Farm, Continuity of Government)

Radio Free Redoubt (Episode 13-15) (interview starts at 37:10) (focuses on faith and rebuilding America)

Prepper Recon Podcast (Youtube version) (focuses on economic and political reasons for the coming collapse)

The hilarious interviews on the Gun Dudes podcast:

Gun Dudes (Episode 309) (starts at 22:32) (audio books – extremely hilarious!)

Gun Dudes (Episode 289) (starts at 24:35) (movie announcement)

Gun Dudes (Episode 241) (interview starts at 27:00) (the story of  how I broke it to my wife that I secretly wrote the books)

Gun Dudes (Episode 223) (interview begins at 2:38) (side-splitting)

Gun Dudes (Episode 210) (interview starts at 33:00) (the funniest interview yet)


Malakeyegod’s Survival and Writing Blog (review of Book One)

Simpler Times Homestead (review of Book Three)

Great Northern Prepper (review of Book Six)

KentuckyLake Prepper (review of Book Six)

The best series ever in the prepper genre“: Survival Punk (review of Book Two)

KentuckyLake Prepper (review of Books One through Five)

The Survival Punk (review of Book One)

TheWildChild308 (review of Book OneBook Tw0, Book Three, Book Four, Book Five)

Making A Homestead (review of Book One, Book Two)

The Prepping Report (review of Book One through Book Four)

Bear Flag Trading Post (review of Book One and Book Two)

Great Northern Prepper

Backdoor Survival

Apocalyptic (review of Book Two)

Apocalyptic (review of Book One)

Apocalyptic (preview of series)

CPT Caveman’s Cave

Patriot Gun and Gear

The Beach Family Homestead

Winter Ant

My weekly interviews on the Gun Runner Podcast.  These are very informal chats.  It’s two friends talking about all kinds of stuff.

Episode 322

Episode 316

Episode 311

Episode 302

Written Interviews:

Apartment Prepper

Archive of Past interviews on various podcasts:

Happy Hour from the Daily Stir (starts at 6:30 – must have a free Gab TV account to watch it)

Radio Free Redoubt (May 2017) (speech re: anti-Trump riots and… my new writing project!)

Radio Free Redoubt (Nov. 2016) (does Trump’s election mean you should quit prepping?)

Student of the Gun (Episode 358) (just about every topic)

Student of the Gun (Episode 359) (“Trump and the Tramp” (not what you’re thinking))

Student of the Gun (Episode 360) (answering questions from readers)

Cope Reynolds Show

Radio Free Redoubt  (Dec. 5, 2015) (Islamic terrorism and why Christians are drawn to prepping)

Ornge Joos (teenager interviews me for his high school English class – a really good interview)

Prepper Recon (part 1) (why the Collapse hasn’t hit yet – but it sure will)

Prepper Recon (part 2) (Bernie Sanders)

Handgun World Podcast (Episode 332) (my firearms law class at the real Joe Tantori’s facility)

In the Rabbit Hole (part one of interview (Episode 135)) (spectacular) and Episode 136 (part two) (also spectacular)

Kate Dalley Show (KZNU Fox News Radio 93.1 FM/1450 AM)

Armed Couples Podcast (Episode 10)

Survival Medicine Hour with Dr. Tom and Nurse Amy (we talk about everything)

Handgun World (Episode 318) (firearms for the prepper)

Korelin Economics Report (how to simultaneously exist both in the suburban unprepared world and the prepper world)

Doom and Bloom (Dr. Tom and Nurse Amy)

Prepper Recon (lots of topics – a great show)

In the Rabbit Hole (Episode 122) (Hilarious! One of the best interviews ever)

I Am Liberty (communities and how the book came about)

Handgun World Podcast (Episode 302) (Working Man’s Armory release of 17th Irregulars AR)

The Daily Prep (how the books came to be)

Prepper Recon (will Americans wake up?)

Modern American Prepper (Episode 96) (fantastic questions from readers)

James Yeager (Youtube) (absolutely hilarious – check me out in the fake beard)

The Survival Podcast (Episode 1446) (the role of TSP in the book, audio books)

God, Family, and Country (hear a true Patriot legislator, Rep. David Taylor, interview me)

Radio Free Redoubt (Episode 14-43) (is 299 Days “socialist”?)

Road Gunner Podcast

Handgun World Podcast (Episode 299) (all the cool things that have happened since the books came out)

All Things Apocalyptic

Modern Rifleman Radio (joint interview with Joel of Working Man’s Armory)

Prepper Recon (August 25, 2014) (forming a team)

Radio Free Redoubt (Episode 14-32) (starts at 23:17) (audio books)

Prepper Recon (June 24, 2014) (comedy, the amazing Autumn Torres, and the system is beyond repair)

Modern American Prepper (Episode 38) (audio books)

Modern American Prepper (Episode 19) (how regular people can prep)

Survival Punk (Episode 21) (starts at 6:30) (fitness and Crossfit)

Josh Tolley Show (July 22, 2014) (starts at 15:00)

Survival Punk (Episode 19) (starts at 20:30) (review of the books)

Today’s Survival Show (Episode 242) (Bundy Ranch)

Doom and Bloom

KATS (rock radio station)

Prepper Recon (podcast version) (YouTube version) (movie announcement and Jimmy the Intern)

Poor Man Prepper (Episode 540) (movie announcement)

Brass Call (Episode 156) (movie announcement)

Radio Free Redoubt (Episode 14-11) (starts at 41:50) (movie announcement)

NW Liberty News

Search and Assess

Roadgunner Podcast (Ammunition Depot and Ukraine)

Prepper Recon (bug out location security)

Great Northern Prepper (Episode 25) (the “Cabela’s prepper”)

Handgun World Podcast (Episode 259) (inexpensive revolvers)

Handgun World Podcast (Episode 264) (AKs and hard work)

Today’s Survival Show (Episode 234) (AKs and hard work) (a rebroadcast of the interview on Handgun World (Episode 264))

Today’s Survival Show (Episode 230) (mindset: giving yourself permission to prep)

Politics and Guns Podcast (Episode 190) (starts at 44:19) (lots of topics)

Dr. Prepper (12/12/2013) (discussion of Book Seven and many other things)

Road Gunner Podcast (discussion of Book Seven and many other things)

NW Liberty News (YouTube version) (discussion of the characters and story lines in Book Seven)

Media Prepper (covering the topic of giving yourself permission to prep and how to convince people reluctant to prep)

Prepper Recon (podcast) or (Youtube channel) (on bugging out and other topics)

Poor Man Prepper (Episode 444)

Handgun World (Episode 252) (on AR pistols)

Handgun World (Episode 245) (on a four-gun battery for preppers)

Today’s Survival Show (Episode 222) (on how I think the Collapse will happen)

Politics and Guns Podcast (Episode 157) (listen to the outtakes in the last four minutes – hilarious)

Media Prepper Show

Northwest Liberty News

Prepper Recon Podcast (Youtube version) ( The precious metal “GlenTate-ium” discussed)

Radio Free Redoubt (Episode 13-15) (interview starts at 37:10)

Practical Defense Podcast

Great Northern Prepper (Episode 20)

Matt Shea radio show (May 7, 2013)

Dr. Prepper (May 22, 2013)

The Road Gunner Podcast (May 15, 2013) (starts at 21:47)

Today’s Survival Show (Episode 211)

Politics and Guns (Episode 100) (starts at 23:00)

Politics and Guns Podcast (Episode 94) (starts at 21:32)

Politics and Guns Podcast (Episode 90) (starts at 16:16)

The Survival Podcast (Episode 1103)

Politics and Guns Podcast (Episode 86) (I co-host this episode)

The Survival Podcast (Episode 1080)

The Gun Runner Podcast (Episode 326) (interview starts at 41:00)

The Gun Runner Podcast (Episode 299)

Handgun World Podcast (Episode 218)

Politics and Guns Podcast (Episode 88) (I co-host this episode)

Politics and Guns Podcast (Episode 77) (interview begins at 1:01:10)

Roadgunner Podcast (starts at 33:40)

Warrior’s Ethos Podcast (Episode 5)

Today’s Survival Show (Episode 194)

The Survival Podcast (Episode 1034)

Great Northern Prepper (Episode 12)

Handgun World Podcast (Episode MSP 11)

Today’s Survival Show (Episode 191)

Bad Quaker (Episode 296) 

The Gun Runner Podcast (Episode 257)

Handgun World Podcast (Episode MSP 8)

The Survival Podcast (Episode 957)

Angel Clark Show on the Liberty Radio Network (interview starts at 62:00)

Bad Quaker (Episode 255)

The Gun Runner Podcast (Episode 238)

The Gun Runner Podcast  (Episode 210)