299 Days custom stippling! Freakin’ awesome!

by Glen Tate on August 24, 2017







I met a dude who is a wizard at stippling guns. He does this by hand – a true artist.

Look what he did to my Glock 17:






This is the 17th Irregulars of course.

But this is even cooler. He listened to the audio books and realized the connection between George Washington’s use of irregular forces and the modern-day equivalent, the 17th Irregulars. So he did a George Washington silhouette with a 1700’s handwritten “17”:









He also shaved off some stuff on the grip and made indentations on the trigger guard. This gun is way, way more comfortable to hold and shoots far better. Stippling is the way to go – such an improvement in being able to grip it, which improves accuracy.

You can get your gun tattooed, too. Contact him. His name is Lee, but you can call him the “Manitoba Hobo Humper” (an inside joke). His email is recce63b@gmail and his Instagram user name is 63_bravo. Here is a pic of Lee:

A friend of mine, Kevin, is with Full Spectrum Training and Consulting and puts on great carbine and pistol courses (and other cool things). I’ve attended his carbine course, which was fantastic.

He has a great place to train in Okanogan, which is very remote and in north central Washington State.

Sign up for these classes. You’ll be glad you did. Solid training.

Here is the flyer for the September 9-10 carbine course and the one for the October 14-15 pistol course.







By: Shelby Gallagher

Watching the headlines coming out of Venezuela, I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to experience a collapse close-up.

An opportunity to watch the human behaviors that come out of a collapse is fast approaching us here in the US – Oregon to be exact. Yes, just Oregon but we can learn a lot from it and apply those lessons to the big Collapse that’s coming to the whole country.

Let me lay out for you those who will participate, willingly or not, in the impending temporary collapse in Oregon next month. Then let me tell you what I see will happen during this time.

Unlike most collapses, we actually have known the date of the Oregon temporary collapse for several decades—ever since nerds with slide rules have been calculating the movements of the moon and sun. Long ago, these nerds marked down August 21, 2017 on their calendars. So this is no surprise.

August 21st. Sound familiar? It is a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence of a full solar eclipse that will be occurring in the United States. One of the best places to watch it will be in Oregon. Specifically, Salem (more on that later).

How can an eclipse—which is just the sun getting dark for a couple of minutes—mess things up in Oregon? The eclipse isn’t the problem. As with all collapses, especially the big full-on Collapse coming soon to the entire US, it’s not the actual event that causes the problems; it’s the unprepared people who react to it like chickens with their heads cut off.

Here is the key fact that turns this harmless eclipse into a temporary collapse: up to a million people are expected to travel to central Oregon to watch the eclipse. A million people. All in the same general place at once. What could go wrong?

Is this a big deal? I dunno, but the Governor of Oregon has called up the National Guard to assist with the influx of the million or so people.

The three categories of people in Oregon that understand what this eclipse are as follows:

First, those who say, “What is a solar eclipse? What does it have to do with me?” To those folks, I implore you to please keep reading. This will become crystal clear. Excuse me while I smack my palm to my head as you read.

The second category are those Oregonians who know what it is, know that it’s coming and simply plan to go about their day. They believe they will be able to simply get into their Prius, stop at Starbucks and head to work. There might be the normal congestion that only Oregonians know painfully well, but it’s not that bad.

They might have seen a newscast that hotels might be full around town, and that campgrounds are all reserved to capacity in Oregon—they have been for over a year as budding astronomers snatched up reservations quickly. But for folks in this category, they will say, “Campgrounds are always full in the summer in Oregon. No big deal.” A perfect example of normalcy bias.

Those in the third category, of which I belong, know what is about to happen for about a week. You can look at this as an opportunity to do a “dry run” (a term you’ll hear a lot in my upcoming book—I’m a big believer in them) on what the full-on Collapse could look like in Oregon and the rest of the country.

For those outside of Oregon, here’s what you need to know. Much of the population of Oregon resides in the upper left quadrant of a mostly rectangular shaped state. Of that quadrant, the largest population with the most density (that isn’t a pun, but ok) is Portland. South of Portland on the Interstate 5 freeway by about forty miles or so is Salem, OR—where the eclipse is.

Yes, you can be in Portland and watch the eclipse. But only in Salem can viewers see it and have the luxury of seeing a total eclipse. Viewers get to see the molten lava spewing off the sun as the moon passes perfectly over the sun, at 10 AM in the morning, on a lovely summer weekday morning. Why not get in your car and head to Salem from Portland? How hard can it be to drive forty miles to see a perfect solar eclipse?

Let’s talk about I-5, that relatively short stretch of freeway between Portland and Salem. It is jammed at 5 PM on a regular rush hour day between Portland and Salem. Locals paying attention cannot imagine putting, conservatively, 100,000 more people and vehicles on that stretch of road. A million is unthinkable. Imagine when the full-on Collapse hits and residents of Portland needed to evacuate. The eclipse will be just like a Portland collapse on the I-5. A great preview for the rest of us.

It’s going to be incredibly difficult. Let me give you some of the stats I am hearing in the media and from friends in strategic places:

Projections are indicating that there will be an influx of over 200,000 people into Salem alone. (This does not include the many other counties on the eclipse’s path.) The county surrounding Salem has a population of roughly 300,000. Think of the population in your county almost doubling at once.

There are no hotel spaces left in the Salem area, and I would be surprised if there were any in Oregon at all for that week and weekend of August 21st.
Did you know that Salem, Oregon has a river that runs through it? Yes. It’s the Willamette River. The Willamette River runs north/south and runs through Portland as well. It’s a big river. Lots of commerce on it. Did you know that in Salem there are only two bridges that can take traffic from west Salem to east Salem? That makes them traffic choke points. There is a third bridge that can handle pedestrian traffic.

Two bridges for hundreds of thousands of people? Did you know that emergency responders are planning to shut down the pedestrian bridge and designate it solely for emergency vehicles because they know the other two bridges will be impassable from the traffic? Ask an honest first responder if they are prepared for the eclipse and they will say will full confidence, “Pfft! Of course.” Ask them if they are nervous. Dare ya. They get serious very quickly and say (if they are honest), “Very.”

Porta potties. Not a big deal right? They are at every event where there are large crowds, like a Bernie Sanders rally in Portland. Right? Porta potties just show up. Oregon is out of them, however. There are no vendors that have any left to rent. Just like in a collapse. People who have never crapped in the woods will be losing their minds looking for a porta potty. You know they don’t have any toilet paper in their cars—only weirdo preppers have that. As pampered people without toilet paper are waddling around looking for porta potties things will get weird. Very weird.

Food. Readers of this blog have read “299 Days” and understand the concept of “just-in-time inventory.” Of course vendors and grocery stores will order extra food and supplies to stock their shelves, right? You sure about that? I’m not. Will the prices be the same as they are right now as I write this blog? I guaran-darn-tee you they will be price gouged; just like in a collapse. And if more food is needed, it must travel up or down I-5, which will be gridlocked for days. Up to a million people are coming up and down that freeway pretty much at once.

The power grid and local utilities can handle the almost-double demand of power that will be experienced for several days, right? Right? What if the power goes out? What if cell towers can’t handle the load? Just like in a collapse.

Now let’s get serious for a moment. Let’s shake the crystal ball and put a scenario into play. What if there were a fire emergency in West Salem, on Sunday afternoon of August 20th. It can happen. Salem gets rural once you cross over a bridge into West Salem. It’s dry this time of year. First responders will easily go over the pedestrian bridge they have designated for themselves. Then the people start mingling that night, they cross the lines and try to get over the bridge by foot, and then there is a major car pileup on I-5, on the east side of the bridge in the heart of Salem. Those same first responders now must navigate back over the bridge. And what if the power goes out during one of these emergencies? It could happen. Easily.

What if that power outage lasts all night on a hot summer’s night? This has been known to happen. An immense population of people in an unfamiliar city will now want to find a way to stay cool in their now-hot hotel rooms in an unfamiliar city. Ice at grocery stores has been sold out for hours. Stores are closing their doors to avoid crime and looting.

What happens when babies start crying because they are hot? Children are upset because they are hungry and McDonalds is closed. Restaurants closed when the power wasn’t coming back on quickly.

Cell phones start to die as people try to text loved ones elsewhere telling them what is happening. There’s no where to charge their phones.

People flood the footbridge and the two vehicle bridges in Salem attempting to walk to their hotels, not realizing their plastic key won’t allow them in their room at their hotel because the power is out. A little bit of panic starts to fill the air as the sun starts to set and people are not in the safe place they thought they would be for the night.

Families on the elevators when the power went out are sitting and wondering how long before someone helps them. The emergency button is working, but no one is coming. Emergency help is elsewhere. Well, it is on the other side of that pedestrian bridge and is helping a couple hundred thousand other people.

Toilets start to back up. Hospitals are using backup power.

At around 3 AM, the power comes back on. It is a welcome sight as streetlights flicker on after the descending dark. People start making their way back to cars and hotel rooms any way they can.

Slowly, air conditioning starts to kick on everywhere. Because of the large demand caused by AC units, there is intermittent power outages over Salem through the rest of the night. No one seems to mind because street lights work for the most part.

As the early morning wears on, people start to laugh a bit about the panic the night before. Children are cranky and whimpering. Parents console, feed and hush them.

By the time the eclipse comes around, the adventures of the previous night fade into memory. Everyone is outside watching solar eclipse.

Not realizing they just saw a preview of a collapse.

How cool is this? Shelby Gallagher and I were in a secret undisclosed park near Seattle taking pics of the new run of “I Miss America” shirts.





“Hey, man! Love the shirts! Are you Glen Tate?!,” this guy says as he’s BBQing with his family. Turns out he’s a big fan and a veteran. We talked for a while and got a pic with him:






Shelby and I surprised him by going back to my truck and grabbing him a freshly minted limited edition “I Miss America” t-shirt:








He was really happy. We met his family and had a great time. God, I love 299ers! The best people on earth.

Thanks, Bob, for a great afternoon!

– Glen and Shelby

by Shelby Gallagher

Editor’s note: Shelby Gallagher, who is working with Glen Tate on a new prepper novel series, is the first guest blogger on 299Days.com. She has predicted many current events like Oregon becoming the first “sanctuary state.”  Oregon taking this dramatic step is a major element of her novel series. You should read what people with a track record of predicting things say! Friend her on Facebook to get more predictions that come true.

“Sanctuary State.” Huh?

Seems a strange term since we’ve all become accustomed to the term “Sanctuary City.” No one asks what it means anymore. It’s a city that doesn’t recognize immigration laws, and provides legal “sanctuary” for illegal aliens. Illegal aliens migrate to them to avoid legal prosecution for being in the United States illegally.

A few years ago, headlines highlighted cities such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, Portland and Seattle that were recognized at least in practice, not so much in law, as Sanctuary Cities.

Media outlets tepidly reported on the tragic stories of rape, murder and drunk driving committed by illegal aliens in Sanctuary Cities. Elected officials turned a blind eye in progressive states.

An amazing activist in Oregon took up the fight and put Measure 88 on the ballots. It prohibited illegal aliens from getting drivers licenses. In a crazy, progressive state such as Oregon…Measure 88 passed by 66%. All counties in Oregon, except for uber-progressive Multnomah County, voted “yes” for Measure 88. Sanctuary cities are not popular with normal people. Just big-city politicians pandering to ethnic communities.

The unpopularity of sanctuary cities is important because Oregon’s crazy governor, her progressive friends with big mouths and checkbooks, have done nothing but chip away at Measure 88 since it passed in 2014.

What does that look like? Counties, cities and school districts have loud mouth, out-of-town, paid protestors showing up at public meetings demanding each municipality become “inclusive” and take a stand against targeting illegal aliens, allowing federal agents to have a presence in their communities, and to basically thumb a nose at federal immigration laws. Oregon municipalities, even rural conservative ones, have been picked off like flies as activists put the political pressure on elected officials. One by one, many are becoming “inclusive” and becoming “Sanctuary Cities,”

Since watching President Trump get elected on one issue–immigration reform and “building a wall”–I’ve been watching this timeline closely. The average American is freakin’ scared watching terrorists kill people with brutality and impunity on the evening news. It’s the issue that crosses all political demographics and registrations….Americans are scared of ISIS and terrorism. Trump was the only one who said “build a wall and keep America safe.” It’s the issue he won on, it’s the issue we are all waiting for him to achieve…and the one issue his opponents are nervous he’ll achieve.

We voted for him…to the absolute horror of illegal aliens and their supporters. To their utter surprise…and they’re a little perturbed. In case you haven’t noticed.

I have watched in my home state of Oregon as the riots following Trump’s election were sanctioned by city officials and police. I have watched as Oregon’s governor, Kate Brown, has denigrated our elected President and hamstrung state police by prohibiting them to follow federal law in arresting illegal aliens.

Governor Kate Brown, in early 2017, assembled and funded some weird thing called “Trump Resistance.” Her stated purpose of this resistance was to repair the divisiveness that Trump has created. Not sure about you, but the only divisiveness I see is from the funded minions in her camp. She created this little group in February 2017, and the state of Washington and California jumped on board in short order with their own Trump resistance teams.

Why the recent history lesson? I started writing my prepper novels, consulting with Glen Tate, in the fall of 2016. I used the election riots as a springboard for my imagination of what could happen if an uber-progressive governor of an uber-progressive state got into a spitting match with a conservative president over an issue they are complete opposites on.

In the drafts of my initial drafts I used a term I made up…Sanctuary States. In consulting with Glen Tate about the story line, he loved it and said that he loved the concept but term looked strange.

Until today.

It actually happened today. Oregon enacted legislation to be the first “Sanctuary State.”

Today, the story that only myself and Glen have seen on paper…became true.

I want to take a moment to put a flag in the sand. Today is a red-letter day. Today fiction became fact.

Today an Oregon media outlet used a phrase that had only been used in an unpublished book….Sanctuary State. Today my heart jumped.

Glen Tate will tell you when he read my draft of the chapters introducing the concept of Sanctuary States, it felt funny to read. Editor’s note: This is true. The story that only myself and Glen have seen on paper…became true.

Today, “Sanctuary State” not only became part of the vernacular of our daily lives…much like “Sanctuary City” did; it became law.

The exact spitting match between the President and Oregon’s governor that I predict in my book(s) just became a reality.

We have seen President Trump pass over Oregon, even before today’s law was inked by Kate Brown, for crucial Federal transportation dollars for desperately needed roads. Get ready, citizens…that is just the beginning. Especially with this “Sanctuary State” law, President Trump will find other ways to pass Oregon over for much needed federal resources. Imagine what they could be: education dollars, public safety, social services, and so on. Imagine, just imagine.

The political and economic pain President Trump plans to inflict on Governor Brown has only begun, and it’s not to be mean…it’s to force Governor Brown to do what she should do: obey the law. It’s an odd concept to many progressives. Wish they’d learn the one about rioting and arson.

Oregon is at a fiscal crossroads much like Illinois now. Both nearly bankrupt liberal train wrecks of states are suffering from unfunded liabilities, primarily out-of-control government employee pensions. Oregon is broke, but can’t look to a federal bailout from a president who won’t fund lawlessness…

What could go wrong?

Someone oughta write a book.

I agree. I am. Stay tuned….Follow me on Facebook.

You’ll appreciate the title of the book. “A Great State.” The title became even more real today…thanks to Governor Kate Brown.

299 Days makes Audible’s “Best of 2014”

by Glen Tate on May 10, 2017

This is spectacular.  299 Days appears at 0:32.  This is worth 32 seconds of your life to watch.

Thanks to all of you who made 299 Days the (unexpected) success it has become.  Thank YOU.

Announcement: My next writing project!

by Glen Tate on May 10, 2017






Everyone always asks, “When’s your next book coming out?”

Well, a book I’m involved with is coming out in a few months. Two books, actually: one fiction, one non-fiction.

I guess you’ll have to listen to this speech I gave to find out about it.

A big, formal announcement – with lots of fanfare – will be coming in a few months when the books are actually available.











A fellow Patriot needs your help. This is a rare instance in which you can actually do something directly to protect freedom. I usually don’t ask you guys to do stuff like this, but this is an exception. Please help here.

Michael Strickland is a conservative/libertarian alternative journalist who was surrounded by a mob of “protesters” (leftist thugs) and he drew his lawfully owned and carried pistol in self defense.

Michael is now facing 50 years in prison after an absolute kangaroo court of a “trial.” It would take too long to tell you all the absolutely unAmerican things that happened in that “trial”; please read this for a summary. Your jaw will drop. I’ve honestly never seen anything like this in an American court. And that’s saying something.

This could be you soon. Seriously. What happened to him will happen to Patriots in the lead-up to the Collapse. Looks like we’re already there…

If you donate $50 to his legal defense fund, I will sign one of the stickers that have been made for him and mail it to you – with my sincere thanks.

Here is the donation page. Under the “Donation Category” there is a pull down menu; choose “Michael Strickland Defense Fund.” Just send me an email at glentate123 AT gmail.com saying you donated and giving me your mailing address, and I’ll autograph and mail out the signed sticker.

Please, let’s help Michael. You could be next. Seriously.


Michael Stickland is a conservative alternative journalist in Portland who covers Leftist protests on his channel called “Laughing at Liberals.” He goes to the protests and videos all the violence they commit. They hate him.

He was jumped a few months ago and severely beaten by an anti-Second Amendment activist. Here’s the video (that crunching sound at 0:04 is his shoulder being broken). He knew the identity of the attacker (the guy drove away and his license plate is clearly visible) but the police never got around to arresting him. His shoulder has never recovered from the beating he endured by the “peaceful protestor.”

Learning his lesson that you can’t defend yourself without a weapon, he obtained an Oregon concealed carry permit and took extensive training on the safe use of a defensive firearm. Everyone has a right to defend themselves. What could go wrong?

Last summer he was covering a Black Lives Matter protest and a crowd of thugs, who recognized him and shouted out his name, taunted him as he was trying to escape. Then they charged him. He drew his weapon but did not fire. Here is the video of what happened. Four police officers who saw the video said no crime was committed and Michael clearly acted in self-defense.

He is now facing decades in prison.

Why? Because Portland, Oregon, like many liberal-controlled cities, hates people like Michael Strickland. The trial was a total travesty with a “surprise” prosecution witness, who Michael’s attorneys were not allowed to talk to in advance, being allowed to suddenly testify after the prosecution rested its case. (I’m a lawyer and have never in my life heard of this in my entire life.)

In my opinion, the prosecutor in Portland wants to “make nice” with Black Lives Matter and offered up Michael as a sacrifice to curry political favor. This is why I think Michael Strickland is a political prisoner. His political beliefs meant that he was prosecuted when others are not, all for the political benefit of the government. That’s the classic definition of a political prisoner. That’s Michael Strickland.

Portland officials want to make it illegal for conservatives to defend themselves, and by throwing Michael Strickland in jail forever they have succeeded. Black Lives Matter can burn down entire sections of a city but you can’t defend yourself, and they like it that way.

Don’t let them get away with it. Donate to Michael’s legal defense fund here.

Hornings Mills, Ontario, Canada: Bruce Beach gets in for a close-up out front of the entrance to the Ark Two. Photo Credit: Sharp Entertainment / Corey Wascinsky

This guy is a lunatic. You’re not. Let me explain why.

A friend of mine in law enforcement was attending one of those mandatory “anti-terrorism” trainings put on by the Department of Homeland Security. You know the kind: the only terrorists are people with Ron Paul stickers on their car, there is no such thing as Islamic terrorists, etc. etc.

During the training, the 299 Days book series came up as an example of the “mindset” of those anti-government “terrorists.” My friend raised his hand and said that if you read the books you’d know that’s not true. But that’s not what this post is about.

The Homeland Security guy said books like 299 Days appeal to those who “fantasize about the collapse of society.”

Wrong. Flat-ass wrong.

First of all, if that Homeland Security hack had actually talked to one of us, he would have known that none of us want violence, starvation, disease, and everything else that comes from a collapse. But that’s not what this blog post is about.

This government and media talking point about preppers “fantasizing about the collapse of society” is really their theory that preppers want society to fall apart because we’re losers in society. You know, we’re the lunatics hiding in bunkers who believe UFOs are part of a UN plot. We’re not “well-adjusted” to society like “normal” people. We’re “misfits” who can’t get along with normal people, so we want a reset of society and then we won’t have to deal with those normal people.

Wrong. Flat-ass wrong. Again.

Take me for example. I am the most social person you’ll ever meet. I have a successful marriage of over 25 years and two grown kids who love me. That’s kinda hard to pull off if you can’t interact with people. I persuade people for a living (lawyer and lobbyist); that’s hard to do if you’re a snarling lunatic. I make total strangers laugh out loud. I get along with everyone, whether they’re poor (like I used to be) or rich or in the middle. I have good friends who are black, Latino, Asian, Arab, disabled and even – gasp! – gay. The people I hung out with so far today are: a former football player, teacher, waitress, small business owner, doctor, and soldier.

So tell me again how I can’t get along with people.

I bet a lot of you are the same way. Your lives are perfect examples of how you can get along just fine in modern society.

It’s just that we can see society is headed for a big change. We plan accordingly. We are working well within society now, but are ready for it to change.

Since when is that a bad thing?



***This is the updated version of this review.  The original review was titled “Ten things I love about the Century Arms C39 v2 AK47 – but one I don’t.” The one thing I didn’t like was the lack of a side rail mount but now they include a side mount rail.  (They are also offering a cool feature related to this but it hasn’t been released yet so I sholdn’t say what it is, but it’s perfect for this gun.) So I officially have zero things I don’t like about the C39 v2!***


I read a lot of gun reviews and I don’t like most of them. They all sound the same. So I’m going to write one the way I want them to be – in the Glen Tate conversational writing style. Here goes.

Bottom line: Get a Century Arms C39 v2 AK-47.  This is especially true if this is your first AK. I’ll explain that more below.

Where I’m coming from: I’m a practical guy with limited money to spend on guns; you’re probably in the same boat. I don’t spend time on internet gun forums arguing over whether a Timney or Geisselle trigger is better, or about some new gadget (that won’t be the latest and greatest in six months). None of that will matter when SHTF.

I believe in getting good, solid guns in the hands of as many people as possible so they can defend themselves and others in the coming Collapse. I demand quality and reliability, but don’t give a crap about doodads and fads.

Another thing: I don’t raise my nose at certain gun brands.  (Well, except Hi-Points, but that goes without saying.) Let’s be honest, several years ago Century put out a couple batches of lower quality AKs. Most were solid, but some weren’t. That was years ago and they have stepped up their quality-control game by leaps and bounds.  They make seriously great guns now.  So don’t be the raised-nose snob guy who’s living in the past and out of touch with the current reality. But, hey, crap-talk Century all you want. That just means there are more Century guns out there for me to buy.

A quick note to avoid confusion: There are two versions of the C39, the version one (“v1”) and version two (“v2”). Get the v2. The v1 had a goofy rear sight and non-adjustable front sight, and furniture that wasn’t compatible with other AKs.  Century listened to feedback from all of us and fixed these things on the v2. So be sure and get a v2.

So here are the eleven things I love about the C39 v2:

1.Reliable This is the most important thing. Preppers like us are going to use these guns in all conditions and, when SHTF, we can’t ship them off to the factory to be rebuilt. I had zero malfunctions or any problems of any kind with my C39 v2 and I’ve been shooting it for over a year. By the way, the C39 v2 worked flawlessly with every kind of AK magazine I have, including Romanian 75-round drum mags.  No failures to feed or extract, no rattles, nothing coming loose, nothing breaking, no nothin’.

2. Price  These are going for about $750 now, which is a steal.  The C39 v2 compares favorably with an Arsenal AK, which is about $1,200. There’s no AK in the $750 ball park, especially any that are good. There are some cheap – and potentially low-quality AKs – for about $600. Why not spend a little more and get a good one? I note that C39 v2s were about $600 a year ago, but, because they kick so much ass, the market has spoken and now prices are higher. Get one now, before they crack the $1,000 threshold.

3. Accurate OK, I’ll be honest: I’m not a bench-rest shooter who measures groups down to the thousandth of an inch. I find that obsessing about tiny differences in accuracy hinders a shooter when it comes to how we will actually use our AKs: shooting bad guys, usually at 25 to 50 yards and probably in urban or suburban settings. Wasting precious hundreds of a second doing the mental calculations on the effect of that 3 mph cross wind when a gang of thugs is breaking down your door is stupid. Here’s what matters to me: I got one-inch groups at 25 yards with iron sights and rang an 8-inch steel gong at 100 yards all day long. ‘Nuff said about accuracy.

4. Oversized Magazine Release Sounds like a small thing, but it isn’t. Check out the C39 v2’s huge mag release paddle:


Compared to a standard AK mag release:


That extra big C39 v2 mag release paddle is a big deal when you’re doing fast mag changes. And, given that a prepper will probably be using an AK for self-defense against lots of bad guys at once, quick mag changes could save your life. I haven’t seen jumbo mag releases come standard on other AKs.

5. Safety Lever with Bolt Hold-Open Notch  Another nice feature that comes standard is a notched safety level that allows for bolt hold-open. (Why all AKs don’t come with this, I’ll never know.) Well done, Century.

6. Made in the USA!  Whoa. I never thought I’d be able to say that about an AK. C39 v2s are entirely made in America. Every single piece. I think Century is brilliant to do this. At some point there will be an importation ban on AKs and foreign AK parts. Century will be smiling and selling the only AKs on the market.

7. Milled Receiver  Most AKs, even some high-end Arsenals, have stamped receivers. This means that a piece of metal is basically bent into a rectangular shape. This works fine, but having a receiver milled out of a block of metal is better. There is no milled AK that remotely touches the $750 price point.

8. Solid Trunnions The rivets that hold key components of an AK together are called “trunnions.” A cheap AK has sloppily inserted trunnions, often with a tiny space between the receiver and the trunnion. Not the C39 v2. The only other trunnions I’ve seen as solid as this are in my Rifle Dynamics AK – but it costs $2,500.

9. Coating  The C39 v2 has a black nitride finish that seems thicker and more robust than on most other AKs. By a lot. It’s really noticeable and adds to the overall feel of quality and solidness. I think maybe the coating can repel bullets.  Well, maybe not. But kinda.

10. Trigger  Century uses its own trigger system, the RAK-1, and puts it in the C39 v2. I’m not a trigger snob, but I know what works well, and this trigger does. Like everything else with the C39 v2, the trigger feels solid. It broke at about 5 pounds and has a nice reset.

11. Side Rail for Optics  In a summer 2016 upgrade, Century Arms is adding a side rail mount for optics.  This is a huge plus. (I haven’t personally tested this mount but everything I’ve seen about the C39 v2 is solid, so I can easily presume these mounts are, too.) This is another example of Century actually listening to people using their AKs, much like they listened when people said the rear sights on the C39 v1 needed to be changed. It’s not common for a gun manufacturer to keep perfecting a product. Thank you, Century, for listening.


Final Thoughts: I said above that the C39 v2 would be a great “first” AK. By that, I meant if you only get one AK, it should be a C39 v2. I didn’t mean a C39 v2 is a “starter AK” that you’ll need to add accessories to and then eventually “move up” to a “real” AK. Not at all. If you have one AK, it should be reliable and have all the features you need, and none of the doodads you don’t – and it should be affordable. The C39 v2 is that gun.

Here are some other reviews of the C39 v2 for your reading and viewing pleasure.

Take care and let me know your experiences with a C39 v2. Email me at glentate123 AT gmail.com.

Do you have a moral obligation to help everyone during the Collapse, including people like this:




Is it your duty to help someone who is so stupid and brainwashed that they think a BB gun for $39.44 a is a “sniper rifle”?

I’ve changed my mind on this question.  And I’m curious what your thinking is on this.

I used to think that I had an obligation to help just about everyone when the Collapse hits.  I thought that God had given me some skills and put me in the path of people like the Team and that we should take what God gave us and save anyone who needed help.  Anyone.  Maybe you did too or still do.

I still firmly believe that God has put me in a position to help people when the Collapse hits.  I also believe that we have a duty to help the innocent – you know, people who for the past several decades haven’t mocked us and supported a system of taxation that steals about half of what we own.

But that second part, the thing about helping anyone?  Nah.  Not anymore.

It’s simple.  Why would I risk my life, my family’s lives, or my Team’s lives to help someone like that $39.44 “sniper rifle” idiot?  Why would I give precious supplies like food or water or medicine to that idiot?  That would be immoral because it wouldn’t be fair to me, my family, or my Team to put them at risk just so I can feel good about myself helping someone who would round me up and throw me in jail if they could.

Let that sink in.  Tens of millions of your fellow Americans want to throw you in jail or worse.  The $34.99 “sniper rifle” person obviously believes in gun control.  They obviously think horrible people – like you and me – can just put a “sniper rifle” in their Walmart cart and then go shoot people.  (Maybe while munching on some Oreos they also got at Walmart.)  Idiots like this would love to use government force to take our guns (which means risking the lives of police officers, not themselves of course).  This person is obviously not only stupid but also evil – they want to use force against you when you haven’t done anything wrong.

And you’re supposed to help these people?  Not at all.

Don’t feel bad during the Collapse when they beg for food or water and you walk right past them without saying a word.  Slowly shake your head and keep moving.  And keep an eye out for an ambush by them and their peace-loving Leftist friends who would steal your stuff if they could.  (They’ve already stolen about half of what you earn, so what’s a few cans of beans and a bottle of water?)

Is walking past these haters immoral?  Nope.  How can you justify to yourself, family, and friends squandering precious supplies so some dumb asses who would slit your throat in ten seconds can live another day?  Why – so the dumb asses can have more time to figure out how to hurt you and your loved ones?  How is that moral?

It’s not.  We all know about self-defense when it comes to using violence to defend yourself or loved ones.  Well, the same is true about self-defense when it comes to not giving away your supplies to the detriment of yourself or loved ones.  Don’t be “nice” by helping the liberal dumb asses who demand your stuff.

This is different than actively harming them.  I will not just shoot people because they’re liberal idiots.  That would be immoral.  More importantly, I believe that when I die I must account to God for the decisions I made in my life.  “I put a couple rounds in his face because he had a Bernie Sanders bumper sticker” is not a good answer.

But here’s the cool thing: You don’t have to harm dumb asses when the Collapse hits.  They will already be in a world of hurt because they’re unprepared and dependent.  By simply walking past them, you will be giving them the justice they deserve because they done’t deserve your help.  But they don’t deserve to be shot just because you felt like it.  That’s the moral line, in my opinion: You don’t have to help these people, but you can’t harm them for no reason.  Just let them enjoy the socialist paradise they wanted: scarcity, hunger, government control, gangs, etc.  Hey, that’s what they wanted.  These are the people who actually thought Venezuela was a good idea; let them enjoy Venezuela-like living conditions.

If you’re bothered by the thought of not helping liberal idiots then think of it this way: Those people made hundreds or maybe thousands of choices over their lifetimes to be the intolerant, dependent, hate-filled shit bags they are.  They decided early on that getting people to give them things was easier than working.  They decided over and over again to not check into the facts – such as simply looking at the box with the BB gun in it to see that it was, indeed, a BB gun.  They cast their lot with the easy life of taking, whining, and guilting people into giving them things – and then hating the people who work hard and love freedom.  Like you.

There will be plenty of innocent and decent people to help during the Collapse.  Do so.  Prep hard now so you can help as many good people as possible here very shortly.  Focus on people who deserve help – and that’s not everyone.  Get used to making hard decisions like this now.  It’s better to work these moral issues out in your head now than when you’re stressed, tired, and hungry.  Get mentally tough now.

Oh, and if you feel like you really need to help a liberal dumb ass, give them one of those $34.99 “sniper rifles” you got at Walmart.




Here is a really thoughtful piece by John Schindler, an ex-intel guy, over at the XX Committee.

It describes why the American Collapse will look a whole lot like the Yugoslavian collapse and civil war.

I think he’s right.  As you read his article, you’ll see why.


Trump and the Tramp

by Glen Tate on March 19, 2016

I have a friend who left his wife for a waitress.  I realized that what happened to him is the perfect illustration of why Donald Trump is winning now, why he will disappoint people, how things will ultimately get fixed – and why all of this is so understandable.  Let me explain.

My friend married a great woman (not the one pictured).  He was a very good man.  He showered her with love.  He made a good living and provided everything she wanted.  She was very grateful.  At first.

Then she realized he was a bit of a sap.  He was a push over.  He would unconditionally love her and put up with some bad behavior.  It wasn’t anything too bad at first, but soon she realized he wouldn’t hold her accountable.  Plus, he had no where to go.  She was losing respect for him.

She started to take advantage of him.  It was a slow process, but after a while she was open about it.  He wouldn’t do anything about it.  Each time he let her get away with something, she respected him less and took even more advantage of him.

He finally did something about it.  Well, not really, but kinda.

He went to a bar.  When he walked in, a beautiful waitress smiled – a warm, true, magnetic smile – and asked, “What can I do for you?”  A naughty thought crossed his mind, but instead he said, “A beer would be great.”  She smiled that warm smile again and said, “You got it.”  She seemed genuinely happy to serve him.  She was, but it was also her job.

He could not get that smile out of his mind.  He started going to that bar.  A lot.  He got to know the waitress.  She was smart, caring, and funny.  (Oh, and hot.  Really hot.)

He found out the waitress was divorced with two kids and having a tough time making ends meet.  She liked him.  A man like him would be perfect.  She wasn’t a horrible person, but she was going to use any advantage that came her way.  And he had just come her way.

The solution was pretty obvious to my friend.  His wife was ignoring him at this point and the waitress was everything he wanted.  And the waitress needed him – not the other way around.

He started to think about leaving his wife for the waitress.  He knew in his head that it wouldn’t last with the waitress (and his friends, like me, agreed.)  But his heart was doing all the thinking.  He really, really needed to be appreciated and treated well.  He deserved it.  He was being taken advantage of and, quite simply, he didn’t have to put up with it.  He was right about that.  His friends (again, including me) had to admit that things couldn’t get much worse with his wife so he might as well roll the dice.  “But don’t expect permanent bliss,” I told him.  His smile at the thought of being with the waitress changed to a slow nod.  “I know, I know,” he said.  “But,” he stared off into the distance, “You don’t get it, man.  Things are so cold at home.  I need some warmth.  Even if it’s a bad idea.”  I nodded.  I couldn’t argue with that.

When he told his wife it was over, she was shocked.  Not that she felt rejected – she had no respect for him – but she was stunned that the chump finally figured it out and was doing something about.  Then she started thinking about all that she’d lose when he left.  Her life on the gravy train was ending.  That’s what made her mad.

She focused her anger on the waitress, the “tramp” as she called her.  Why would he leave a nice wife for a tramp?

You’ve probably figured out by now that the husband is the average Republican, the wife is the Republican Party establishment, and the waitress is Donald Trump.

I think Donald Trump will be a huge let down to Republicans if he wins the Presidency.  But – I have to admit – I can’t blame Republicans for looking to him.  They’ve been treated like crap and taken advantage of for years by the Republican Party.  Even though they know in their heads that Trump will end up disappointing them, their hearts are doing the thinking.  And I can’t argue with that.

Here’s another reason why the story of my friend so perfectly illustrates the Donald Trump situation.  In the story of my friend, there is one good person, one bad person, and one opportunist.

My friend is like many Republicans who, on average, are decent people.  They want things to work out.  They are reluctant to hold people accountable because they’re too busy to manage the relationship and, more importantly, they expect the other party to operate in good faith.  That’s how they are, so they expect others to be that way.

The wife, obviously, is bad.  She loves the gravy train, like the Republican establishment.  Enough said about that.

The waitress is more complicated.  She’s not an evil gold digger, but she sees an opportunity.  She has lots of life experience and thinks – correctly – that my friend should go into a relationship with her with his eyes open.  He shouldn’t expect permanent bliss.  She’ll bat her eyes at him, but he’s a big boy who is making a conscious decision and knows that he must live with the consequences.  She is surprised my friend never asked her the obvious question of why her first marriage broke up.  He didn’t ask, of course, because he didn’t want to know the answer.

How did things turn out?

My friend found out that, indeed, the waitress was not perfect.  She assumed he knew what the deal was and acted accordingly.  He was stunned – and devastated.  Again?  This had happened twice?  He assumed his life was over.

Nope.  He quit looking for happiness from humans and reaffirmed his faith in God.  He found a woman in the same boat.  She was also a person of faith.  They went into a relationship with their eyes wide open, and based their ultimate happiness on something higher than human beings, who will always disappoint you.  And they kept each other accountable.  They worked hard at the relationship instead of assuming everything would work out because the other person was decent.

And they’re truly happy.

This is what America needs to do.  After the tramp disappoints you, get back to your faith and work hard on a new relationship.  Don’t expect bliss.  Work to make a relationship – based on something higher – work.  And it will.


This guy is your enemy.   (During the Collapse, that is.)

He doesn’t seem like it; in fact, he looks kind of wimpy.  He’s not a jack-booted Homeland Security trooper breaking down your door to take your guns, so he can’t be a threat, right?

Wrong.  Dead wrong.  He’s a bigger threat to most of you than the government.

Of course the government will be a threat, especially in urban areas where they will congregate and hold onto power in their fiefdoms.  Gangs will also be a threat (more on that in Part 2 of this series).  My point is that the guy pictured above – the unprepared neighbor – is the one most likely to actually try to take your stuff and, if neccessary, hurt you and your family.

Who is this guy and why is he a threat?

He’s the guy who lives next to you.  Just an average guy.  Maybe you even gently tried to bring up the topic of prepping with him.  He looked at you like you were from Mars and said, a little sarcastcially, “Oh, like those people on Doomsday Preppers?”  Being a good (feminized) male in the suburbs, he thought preppers were a bunch of right-wing crazies who just had some weird fetish about (icky, icky) guns.  He had plenty of opportunities to prepare but spent his time and money on concerts, trendy clothes, and whatever else most of America thinks is more important than taking care of their families in a crisis.

Then the Collapse hits.  Very soon his high-end grocery store is out of goat cheese and the police are no longer functioning.  After the shock and total disbelief wears off, he is terrified.  Not just scared, but lose-your-mind hysterical.  He’s been awake for several days because of all the gunfire he’s hearing, the baby has been crying, and his wife has been screaming at him for hours to “do something!”  (This, of course, is a story in itself because she was the one who told him he can’t have a gun like Todd and Chloe in the 299 Days book series.)  Your unprepared neighbor is not thinking rationally.  He’s desperate.  Studies show that after about 72 hours without food, people – even “nice” ones – will do horrible things to feed themselves and their families.  He needs to shut her up, get some food, and feel safe.  He’ll do anything to make that happen.  Anything.

He remembers that conversation he had with you about “having a little bit of food in case the power goes out during the next ice storm.”  He remembers seeing you putting a gun into your car that day you went to the shooting range.  It all becomes “clear” to him: You need to give him food and a gun.  It’s only fair.  Besides, he tries to reassure himself, you are a nice guy.  You’ll help.

He walks over to your place.  He’s nervous and scared of what he’ll do.  He politely knocks on your door.  You don’t know it’s him so you don’t answer – home invasions are happening everywhere and the last thing you want to do is let anyone in.

The knocking gets louder.  Then even louder; by now, it’s pounding.  Who ever it is banging on your door is angry.

Finally, you recognize his voice.

Should you let him in?

How you answer this is a personal choice and depends on the circumstances.  However, my point is that you must recognize this guy for what he is: your enemy.  That’s kind of harsh, but here’s why.

You can’t solve his problem.

You can’t feed him and his family for the next few months or even years or guard his place all night instead of guarding your own.  You just can’t.  That was HIS job and he failed miserably.  He feels humiliated that he didn’t take care of his family – and his wife won’t stop yelling at him.  You are the reason (in his mind) that his problem isn’t getting solved.  So, instead of you being able to solve his problem, you ARE his problem.

Whether or not you let him in and give him a little food, he will start to talk to all the other neighbors who, of course, are not prepared either.  They will decide that you’re a “hoarder.”  Maybe the authorities are out looking for “hoarders” or “illegal guns” and one of the neighbors suggests that they turn you in.  You get the picture.  This guy is your enemy.

What can you do?  Two things.

First, recognize that a seemingly harmless guy like this will, indeed, be your enemy.  Recognizing this is the first – and biggest – step in successfully navigating this problem.

Second, get the hell out of that neighborhood at the first sign of the Collapse.



Consider this scenario: During the Collapse, you need some antibiotics for your sick child and have some ammunition to trade.  You need to do more than just have the ammunition on hand to trade – you need to know how to go to the post-Collapse trading post and get the deal done.  Without getting killed.

People have been trading for things they need for thousands of years.  Trading will certainly happen after the Collapse – in fact, trading will be huge because most of the “normal” stores won’t be operating.  Count on it: You will be shopping at a trading post in the future.

So prepare for it now.

There are three levels of preparing for post-Collapse trading: getting stuff, being mentally prepared for the rough trading post, and then perhaps running a trading post of your own as a merchant or security contractor.

The first level is getting a bunch of stuff that people will want so you have things to trade.  Here is a good article on 40 things that are cheap now but will be immensely valuable during the Collapse.  Many of you have already done this, though.  You have stuff to sell, but now you need to move up to the next level – which is how to shop without getting killed.

The second level is mentally preparing for shopping in a trading post which will probably look more like a backwoods logger bar than a shopping mall.  You need to get mentally ready for how different it will be from your current peaceful world.  You see, most of us don’t hang out with potentially dangerous people so we don’t know how to carry ourselves in these situations.  I’m an exception to this.  For the past 30 years or so, I have been lucky to go to tough-as-nails logger bars with the real Steve Briggs when I visit my home town.  I understand how these places work.  You don’t look at anyone else’s woman, you apologize when you bump into someone, and you ignore drunks who want to fight (unless they insult your woman – and you beat the shit out of them if they touch her).  (This song illustrates the code of conduct I’m talking about.)  A logger bar is how a trading post will be.

Only worse.  You need to be mentally prepared for the fact that thieves will be killed – very brutally.  There may be some unsavory things for sale.   A great introduction to life at a post-Collapse trading post is from the TV show Jericho.  Watch here at 14:53 – 17:00, 19:50 – 25:33, 28:47 – 32:33, and 34:52 – 35:40.  Here’s my point: You need to confidently walk into that trading post, quietly do your business, and leave as fast as you can.  There will be, especially at the beginning of the Collapse, lots of people who yell about “fair prices” or insist on paying with a credit card.  Don’t be one of those people.

The third level, and the one most people haven’t thought about, is operating a trading post of your own.  You might be the merchant or the security protecting the establishment.  Lots of you reading this have tons of guns and some training.  You’d make excellent security contractors.  You’d be paid a portion of the sales, which is how you could feed your family.  You could make sure the place operates honorably instead of like a giant garage sale of drugs and prostitution.  (And you could kill anyone who tries to bring women or – God forbid, children – in for sale.)  You’ll need to have sufficient firepower to fight off the gangs that will try to muscle in on your trading post.  But start thinking about this now.

Before you have to.


This three-minute video of a bunch of modern wussy males illustrates perfectly what most “enlightened” Americans think in our feminized culture: there should be no differences between men and women.

I strongly disagree for two reasons.  One is life-or-death.  One is quality of life.  Those are pretty big deals.

First, the life-and-death reason. When the Collapse hits, trying to pretend men and women are not different will get people KILLED and RAPED.  All those feminized males out there will assume the gangs roaming around freely (because the cops are gone) will treat women with the same respect the hipsters have for women.  Wrong.  Deadly and tragically wrong.

How can “smart” people like the well educated hipsters be so wrong?  Easy.  All these upper-income, sheltered, weak males have no idea what bad people are like – they’ve never met any in their nice subdivisions or hip urban apartments.  Worse yet, these brainwashed wusses actually think the only bad male behavior in the entire world is done by “rednecks.”  Like in the (icky, icky) South.  The feminized males think the only thing keeping women down is traditional American male values.  (Traditional men are actually great for women, but that’s a long blog post for another day.)

Here’s another practical way that wussified thinking will get people killed and hurt after the Collapse: the fear of being “macho.”  A fair number of modern males (I can’t call them “men”) will feel guilty or weird about defending women.  That’s acting “macho,” which is the absolute worst thing a wussified male can do.  During the Collapse, feminized males will hesitate to raise their voices – let alone raise an (icky, icky) gun – to defend women.  The gangs will laugh, kill the men, and rape the women.

The second reason I disagree with the idea that men and women aren’t different is quality of life – for both men and women.  (This applies now, before the Collapse, but will also apply during the Collapse.)  Most men want to be men and most women want to be women.  In general, men like to be masculine and women like to be feminine.  It took decades of public school and TV sit coms to drive this (natural) way of thinking out of us.  But, when no one is looking, most men like a good steak.  And most women, when no one is looking, like to bake cookies.  I mean, cookies are delicious.  I rest my case.

Trust me: Men and women are much, much happier in a relationship when each one can act like his or her gender.  Ask a woman who unsuccessfully nagged her husband but then gave up and let him go be a man – life is better in the house.  Most men will treat a woman like a queen when she treats him well.  Both are happier (and the sex is better!  For both of them!)

Oh, and for anyone thinking I’m some caveman who thinks women are inferior, I note that my wife is a doctor.  She’s very tough and very smart, and can do tons of things I can’t do.  And that’s OK.  I’m a man and can do tons of things she can’t do.  You see the picture?  Men and women are different.   And that’s OK.

Gun Dudes: R.I.P.

by Glen Tate on July 14, 2015


Wow.  I didn’t think I’d have this strong of a reaction, but I did.  The Gun Dudes Podcast is ending after seven years.

I was thinking: It’s just a podcast.  Am I seriously saddened by this?  Yes.  Big time.  Here’s why.

I changed.  Entirely.  Starting in 2008, I went from a fat suburban go-along, get-along sheeple “male” (not man) to what I am today.  When my transformation started seven years ago, I simultaneously started listening to this podcast done by three UPS drivers in Salt Lake City who talked about guns and joked around.  The Gun Dudes.  They were hilarious.

They were just like me.  I instantly “knew” them just by listening to them.

Over the last seven years, the Gun Dudes did what I did: We grew.  We changed (for the better).  We became “famous” (in our little world, that is).  We became what we wanted to become.  That’s an amazing sentence, so I’ll repeat it: We became what we wanted to become.  We transformed together and at the same time – 2008 to the present.  What a ride.

Once I had an amazing conversation with the lead Gun Dude, Carl.  We were talking about how much time the books (in my case) and the podcast (in his case) take and the effect it has on our families.  Then one of us (I forget who) said, “Not everyone will understand this but: We have so many cool things we can do with our time that it’s really hard to do normal stuff, stuff we should probably do.  We have cool people to know, cool stuff to do.  Gun classes.  Meeting Massad Ayoob.  Going to SHOT Show.  Shooting with Special Forces guys.  Talking to Jack Spirko.  We never expected any of this.  This is a good problem to have.”  Very true, Carl.  Very true.

Probably the most profound effect the Gun Dudes had on me was confidence.  Sounds weird, I know: confidence from a podcast?  But when I was (painfully) transitioning from suburban softie to a gun guy, I wondered if there was something “weird” about me.  The Gun Dudes, episode after episode, showed me that us gun guys are funny and laid back.  We’re just normal dudes who like guns; nothing weird about that.  It was amazingly comforting.

Here are couple of my Gun Dudes memories that will make you smile.

I’ll never forget the first time the Gun Dudes read one of my emails on the air in 2009.  It was way before I wrote the books.  I couldn’t believe that “celebrities” read my email.

The next amazing Gun Dudes memory I have is also from before I wrote the books.  I emailed them and told them that I was thinking about writing a novel and they were in it.  (They are: the Stan, Carl, Tom, and Travis characters who help Special Forces Ted move the equipment out to Marion Farm.)  They read it on air and were, like, “Wow.  We might be in a novel.  How cool is that?”  I told them I was putting them in the books, in part, to force myself to finish the books.  I knew that if I told them I would put them in the books, but didn’t finish the project, that I would have let down the Gun Dudes.  I’m serious.  It motivated me to finish the books.

Then I sent them each a copy of the books.  They couldn’t believe they were in them.  I was blown away that these “celebrities” thought it was cool that I – little ol’ me – put them in a book.

I was on the show five times.  Each time we recorded an episode, I would tell them, “I can’t believe I’m talking to the Gun Dudes.”  They’d say the same about talking to “Glen Tate.”  It sounded so amazing to hear that.

A last fantastic memory about the Gun Dudes is when the narrator of my audio books, Kevin Pierce, recorded hilarious promos for the show.  The main one said, “You’re listening to the Gun Dudes, which is a free podcast.  You get what you pay for.”  I smile every time I hear that.  A big, hearty, down-to-your heart smile.  God, I love those guys (purely heterosexually, of course, as they would say).

I will miss the Gun Dudes.  Fortunately, I have their contact information and a standing invitation to come down to Utah and hang out with them, which I plan on doing.  What else are you going to do that’s fun in Utah?

My final thought is a huge, huge thank-you to them.  I know how much work it is do stuff like a podcast or write books.  I want to thank the Gun Dudes for putting on an amazing and life-changing – seriously, life-changing – podcast.  Tens of thousands of people benefited from you guys spending your Saturdays goofing around in front of a microphone.



Whoa.  The title of this blog piece will offend a lot of good people; maybe you’re one of them.  Here’s why I say that the Fourth of July means nothing to me.  It has to do with the difference between America and Amerika.

The Fourth of July is a celebration of America – “the land of the free.”  In America, people could live their lives without ever thinking about government because it had such a small role.  Free from ridiculous government intervention, people started businesses or worked at good jobs, raised their families, owned modest but comfortable houses, put their kids through college, lived in a decent and moderately religious society, and could feel proud that they lived in the greatest country God ever created.  Seriously.  The greatest.  I know this because I used to live in America and saw the goodness of America with my own eyes.

But America is no more.  I won’t list off all the reasons.  But you know – deep, deep in your heart – that America doesn’t exist anymore.  You hate to admit, but it’s gone.  Gone.  The sooner you come to that realization, the better off the transition will be in your mind to what is coming next.

What replaced America?  Amerika.  Much like the difference between the two spellings, on the surface Amerika pretty much looks like America.  We still have malls and professional sports teams and all that.  But when you look past the surface, there are enormous differences.

Amerika is about “free” stuff from the government.  Health care and welfare and mortgage assistance and … the list goes on.  Amerika is about how people can get the government to force other people to pay for their stuff.  In the process, Amerika has become materialistic and shallow.  Amerika is also about a staggering loss of civil liberties.  Amerika kind of looks like a capitalist economy, but it’s actually a liberal corporate elite making huge sums of money from foreign workers while people here can’t find decent jobs.  That’s Amerika.

I hate Amerika.

When I see people waving flags on the Fourth of July, it looks like a celebration of Amerika to me.  Now, you might be waving the flag and celebrating America.  If so, I have tons of respect for you because you’re keeping the dream alive about America, and we’ll need people like you to remember America to give us a template for when we rebuild Amerika after the Collapse.

I look at flag waving on the Fourth and – with great remorse and sadness – see Amerika.  The country currently represented by that flag is Amerika, not America.  There is nothing to celebrate about Amerika.  In fact, seeing that flag reminds me how much we’ve lost.

As readers of the 299 Days book series know, I pretty much chronicle what happens in each of the 299 days of the upcoming Collapse.  The entry for July fourth is just another day in the lives of the people in the books; they do not wave the star and stripes.  In fact, most of the people in the books reflect on July fourth about how America turned into Amerika and they’re deeply saddened.

That’s how I feel and why the Fourth of July means nothing to me.

I miss America.

17th Irregular shirts are here!

by Glen Tate on February 14, 2015


Whoa.  These turned out even better than I thought they would. Here’s the link to them if you’re interested.


This is the nightstand at the real cabin.

People are always asking me about other books I like.  Mark Goodwin has written several really great ones that I think 299ers would like.

His latest three-book series is the Days of Noah.  It’s about a man in a collapsing, end-times America.  His previous series was the three-book Economic Collapse Chronicles, which was more a prepper series than an end-times one.  The Economic Collapse Chronicles are outstanding.  In fact, the audio version of the Economic Collapse Chronicles was narrated by Kevin Pierce, who is the 299 Days narrator.  Listening to Kevin do Mark’s books is how I picked him for mine.

Here is a link to Mark’s books.

I also note that Mark was kind enough to put me in the acknowledgments for the first book in the Days of Noah series.


I hope you enjoy these books.


Name tapes for gun socks

by Glen Tate on January 24, 2015


Here’s a cool idea I came up with that maybe you can use.

I have my rifles in those Bore Stores silicone gun sock protectors, you know, like this:


Bore Store gun socks have a velcro enclosure at the end:


But the gun socks all look alike in the safe.  So I had Tactical Tailor make some specialized name tapes for me that go on the velcro closure at the end of the gun sock:


You’ll note a little velcro tab at the far right end of the name tape; this allows the velcro end of the Bore Store to close.  You end up with this:


I color code each type of rifle and use different colors of stitching to tell the guns apart at a glance:


If you’re interested in getting some of these, contact Tactical Tailor and ask for Caitlin.  (I don’t make any money off of this; it’s just a cool thing I’m sharing with 299ers.)

17th Irregulars rifles start shipping!

by Glen Tate on January 22, 2015


Great news! The 17th Irregular rifles outfitted by the Team are shipping now.  They’re put out by Working Man’s Armory.  (Here’s some background on Working Man’s Armory and the Team’s work with them.)

If you need an AR, check this out.


Toilet paper will be like gold when SHTF.  Ask survivors of the Argentine collapse of 2001, the Russian collapses of the 1990s, and Katrina survivors.

But with that tube in the middle of a roll, toilet paper takes up a lot of space.  Not anymore.

I put several rolls in a Ziplock Space Bag, the kind you put the vacuum nozzle on and it sucks all the air out.  (Costco currently has them in a package of assorted sizes for cheap.)

I suck the air out of the bag and tap down on the rolls with a mallet.  This collapses the tube in the middle and makes the toilet paper extremely flat.

Oh, and a bonus: your TP is airtight and dry.  It pops right back up when you let air in.  The perfect way to store TP – and save a ton of space in the process.

Hope this works for you.

Keep on prepping’.




Being thankful for being used

by Glen Tate on November 26, 2014


Thanksgiving is a really important day for me. Most holidays are “whatever” days where I go through the motions and wonder what all the hype is about. I feel like most of the secular ones are made up and commercialized. Not Thanksgiving, though. Oh, sure, there’s a commercial aspect to it, but I can somehow ignore it and concentrate on the real meaning of the holiday.

Being thankful – and openly saying so on a day like Thanksgiving – is more than just acknowledging that God has done amazingly good things for you. I don’t get preachy, so I’ll try not to dwell on that aspect of it.

So, instead of talking about God, I’ll talk about you.  Here’s what’s in it for you: being thankful is good for you. It makes you more appreciative. It makes you think about what’s good in your life, instead of reacting to all the little things that are bad. Looking at all the things you’re thankful for puts things in perspective, and you need that.

Some of the things I’m thankful for that 299 Days readers will relate to are, first, this amazing community we’ve built up. What a stunning array of human beings you guys are. I could write for pages and pages about all the people who have emailed, PM’d, and met me in person and their stories. The books have profoundly affected thousands of people in extremely positive, life-changing ways. Which brings me to my primary thing to be thankful for: God using me to reach thousands of people and really, really helping them. I said I won’t get preachy, so I’ll leave it at that, except to say: what an honor, the honor of a lifetime (eternity, really) to be used like I have been.



Veteran’s Day – a different twist

by Glen Tate on November 11, 2014


On Veteran’s Day, everyone casually says, “Thank you, veterans, for keeping us free.”  Corporations say this in their ads to make veterans and their families feel good so they come in and buy things.  Politicians say this to get votes.  It’s sort of like mindlessly saying “bless you” or “gezuntite” when someone sneezes.  People just say it.  They don’t think too much about it.

Not me.

I have a very clear vision of exactly how veterans keep us free.  They do two things.  First, they enter the military culture.  They take an oath to support and defend the Constitution – not an oath to obey orders from politicians – and they see senior NCOs and some officers who live by that.  They see with their own eyes that they, as members of the military, work for the Constitution, not whomever is the President at the time.  This keeps us free from a President who would be a tyrant if he could get the military to carry out his unconstitutional orders.

The second thing veterans do to keep us free is that they take take this culture of serving the Constitution back with them to civilian life.  There are literally millions of veterans who are now out of the military and living among us who will not tolerate unconstitutional behavior by a President.  These veterans have the culture and military skills that allow them to be a spectacular deterrent against any President who wants to be a tyrant.  These former-serving veterans are forward deployed in our neighborhoods to pick up the fight for freedom.

That’s what I mean when I say, “Thank you, veterans.”


Audio books are now out!

by Glen Tate on October 26, 2014


With great pleasure, I can now say… available on Audible.  You can also get the audio books on Amazon and iTunes.

I am spectacularly happy with how the audio books turned out.  We snagged the best narrator in the world (in my opinion), Kevin Pierce.

You can get your first 299 Days audio book free when you start an Audible subscription.

If you’ve already read the Kindle version, you can (very inexpensively) upgrade your existing Kindle book to an audio book with Whispersync.

Already (the first day of the release!) the reviews are fantastic.  I’m giving Kevin Pierce a lot of the credit for that.

Thanks to each and every one of you.  Seriously.



AUDIO BOOKS!!! You can pre-order now!

by Glen Tate on September 28, 2014



This is huge! You’ll see why this is such a big deal below, but first the important details:

  • You can pre-order Book One now and the rest of the books soon. The remaining books should be available for pre-order about every two weeks.
  • All ten audio books will be released on October 26th – the 299th day of the year!
  • You can get Book One free by becoming an Audible subscriber.  (Audible is the Amazon of audio books. There are over two million Audible subscribers.) Being an Audible subscriber is like Netflix: you get certain number of books a month and it’s much less expensive than buying each one separately. To get Book One free, go to the pre-order page and hit the button “Learn About How to Get This Free.” If you become an Audible subscriber by getting Book One for free, I will mail you a signed book mark (more on that below).
  • It’s easy to give the audiobooks as gifts. The audio book is emailed on the release date to the person you’re giving it to. Here is more information on how to give an Audible audio book as a gift.
  • If you already have the books on Kindle, you can get the audio book upgrade for about $1.99 by selecting the Whispersync feature on the Kindle item.  If you’ve read the books, you’ll want to listen to them too, for reasons I describe below.
  • You can listen to the audio books anywhere, anytime via an app for your iPhone, iPad, Kindle, Android, Windows phone, or computer. Here is more information on all the formats on which you can listen to the books.
  • This is your chance to get the 299 Days message out to people who don’t like to read – but would easily listen to a great audio book. Think of all the people you know who don’t read much, but have time to listen to a great story. Get them the audio books.
  • The narrator, Kevin Pierce, is amazing. He’s really, really good. More information on him appears below.
  • There’s a link to a free sample chapter of the Book One audio book at the bottom of this post so you can hear the narrator reading part of the book for yourself.

Now that all the important details are out of the way, I’m bursting with enthusiasm to tell you about why this is no ordinary audio book release.

Audible, which is by far the biggest seller of audio books, is really backing 299 Days. They gave us the very, very rare honor of pre-sales – and over two months of pre-sales, which is extremely rare. Audible is treating 299 Days as one of their big launches.

If you’re not an Audible subscriber, please become one by getting Book One for free. Starting your subscription with 299 Days really, really helps us – and will allow us to get the word out about the series to many more people.  (You can cancel your subscription at any time.) Make sure that 299 Days is your first purchase as a new subscriber. It’s so important, and I would be so appreciative, that I will send you a signed book mark if you start your Audible subscription with a 299 Days book. It’s easy to get your book mark: just send me an email (glentate123 AT gmail.com) with your name and address and I’ll mail one out.  (I do this all myself; I’m not big enough to have a staff!)

We got one of the very best narrators in the audio book world to narrate and produce this series. Kevin Pierce has narrated more audio books via Audible’s ACX system than any other person on the planet. He’s good. Kevin has several best sellers to his name. We had 212 narrators audition for this series. Kevin was the one. I can honestly say that this story doesn’t really come to life until Kevin Pierce reads it. Kevin can read my mind and tell my story better than I can.

Listening to the audio books, even if you’re already read them in print, adds a tremendous new dimension to the story. You get much more out of the story hearing it than simply reading it. You will discover new facets of the story from the audio books. I did, and I wrote them!

So, in sum, Audible is rolling out the red carpet for this series, you can get Book One free (and a signed bookmark) by starting your subscription to Audible with a 299 Days book, you can pre-order the books now, all ten come out on October 26th, they’re easy to give as gifts, the narrator is amazing, and you will get much more out of the story by listening to them even if you’ve already read the story in print.

Let’s get the 299 Days message out to even more people with audio books.

PS: Here is a free sample of Book One – you can hear the narrator reading the Prologue from the beginning of Book One!




Here’s how the contest works:
(1) Do a review on Amazon of each of the nine books.  A short review like “Awesome” works just fine.
(2) Do a “share” of  www.299Days.com on your Facebook page.
(3) Take a picture of you and your 299days gear (books, tshirt, patches, etc) and post on the 299days fb page, and email it to us at glentate123@gmail.com
(4) Send an email to me at glentate123@gmail.com and let me know your Amazon user name so we can check and make sure you did the reviews. If you’ve done extra stuff to help the book, like told your friends to read it, let me know that too. Also what name you would like to name one of the 43 colonels. These 43 Colonels are all patriots who helped during the War.
(4)Your name will go into a drawing to pick one of the several 43 Colonels still yet to be named.
(5) If you are one of the winners, we will contact you and get the name you’d like to give to one of the 43 Colonels in 299days book 10.
(6) You will get to enjoy seeing the name you have chosen for one of the 43 Colonels in book 10 *The 43 Colonels* which will be released Fall of 2014.


People are asking me how they can get the word out about the audio books. A great question. The answer is:

1. Get Book One free by becoming an Audible subscriber starting with that book. Here’s the link to the Audible page for Book One.  If you do this and email me (glentate123 AT gmail.com) I will send you a signed book mark.  How does subscribing to Audible with Book One help get the message out? Audible (which is an Amazon company) knows that if people subscribe to Audible because of a book that the book is hot and motivating people to action. The Audible/Amazon computers start to promote that hot book with the “You Might Also Like” stuff.  Trust me, subscribing because of a particular book means thousands of more people will see the book on their computer screens. It’s the best way to get the message out.

2. Think of people you know who will listen to audio book instead of reading. Some people are listeners and others are readers. Some people drive a lot and audio books are great for them.

3.  Do a review of the books on Audible or Amazon.  Same thing with the Audible/Amazon computers: they know that a book is hot if people are reviewing it.

4.  Get the Whispersync version on Kindle. This is cool: If you have the Kindle version of a book, you can upgrade to the audio book version for only a couple of bucks. This, too, tells the Audible/Amazon computers that a book is hot and thousands of “You May Also Like” suggestions follow.

5. Forums! Get on forums and post a thread about the books and the audio books in particular. This is huge.

6.  Facebook post.  Put up a post about the audio books. You can link to this blog post with all the details: http://299days.com/audio-books-you-can-pre-order-now/

7. Facebook share. Share posts on Facebook about the audio books.

8.  Sign up for the free bonus chapters by email. You can do that on the home page of www.299Days.com. You’ll get occasional updates on the books, including the audio books, from these emails. You also get the really cool free bonus chapters emailed to you. For free.

9.  Email and Facebook message your friends about the audio books. You can include the link with the details (http://299days.com/audio-books-you-can-pre-order-now/).

10. Tell friends about the books and that they’re out now on audio book!

Thanks everyone. You are making 299 Days more than a book – it’s a message to get prepared.