Book Nine is out!

by Glen Tate on August 3, 2014


Wahoo! Book Nine was released on July 31.

Here’s the link to Amazon for it.

This book ends the series in a way (but not really) with the final battle in Olympia and the beginnings of the Rebuilding. The cover of the book, which is one of my favorites, says it all: a new flag flies over the capitol.

Please review Book Nine (and all the books) on Amazon. Reviews are extremely, extremely important. The number of reviews tells the Amazon algorithm that a book is a good one to list as an “You May Also Like” selection when someone is looking at similar books. This is huge, huge, huge to getting the message out about prepping and 299 Days.

Also, please share this link on your Facebook page and encourage your friends to read the series. They’ll thank you later.

Speaking of thanks, let me thank you for reading the series. I am always humbled and amazed by you guys. Thank you, thank you, thank you. – “Glen”


As you know, tens of thousands of illegals are streaming into the US right now.  We are told that many of them are children and some of them are hungry and have nasty, but treatable, conditions like scabies and lice.

Glenn Beck recently made huge waves by announcing that he would organize a relief effort and provide humanitarian support to the illegals, mostly aiming to help the children on the border.  This made a lot of Patriots mad. Including me.

I’m a Christian first and a Patriot second, so I stopped to think how a Christian, in my opinion, should approach this.

Christians should be guided by the parable of the Good Samaritan in the Bible. In these passages, a Jewish man is beaten by robbers and left for dead on the roadside.  A rabbi and a supposedly religious man pass the man by but neither stops to help him. Finally, a Samaritan helps the man.  This was remarkable because the Samaritans and Jews had a long history of battles and hated each other.  The Samaritan gives first aid and then transports the man to an inn. He pays for a few days of the man’s stay – for as long as it takes him to recover. That’s the key.

Does the example of the Good Samaritan mean Christians should help the illegals?

In my opinion, yes, but only until they are healthy enough to return.  Like the Good Samaritan, I believe we should offer temporary aid to anyone who needs it to allow them to recover.  The Good Samaritan paid for a few days of the man’s stay at the inn, enough to let him recover.  The analogy here would be to try to treat the medical conditions of the illegals so they are healthy enough to return to their home countries. This would be fulfilling our Christian duty, in my opinion.

It’s like when someone runs out of gas and is stuck on the side of the road.  It makes sense to help them by giving them a gallon of gas so they can get to a gas station and then be on their way.  That’s giving them the temporary help they need to, in effect, recover.  But it doesn’t make sense to give them your credit card and tell them to buy all the gas they need for the rest of their life.

By letting illegals into the US, we are effectively giving them all the welfare they need for the rest of their lives.  I know that many illegals work hard and aren’t on welfare, but a good number of them are.  Once those kids are in the US, most of them will be on welfare for at least a while, and maybe a long time.  It’s a lot like giving them having our credit cards to buy all the gas they want for the rest of their lives.

And that’s way more than the Good Samaritan did.

Your wife never got raped by a garden

by Glen Tate on June 30, 2014


There’s an age-old debate in the prepper community between guns and gardens.  The gun people say you need to have security to protect yourself during the Collapse; the garden people say you can’t fixate on guns and ignore food production.  Of course, you need both but sometimes a small portion of the garden people feel morally superior because they’re peace loving and not “aggressive” like us gun guys.  These garden people say, “You can’t eat a gun.” To which I reply: “Your wife never got raped by a garden.”

Look at every single collapse that’s happened in the world and you will see that vicious bands of thugs roamed the cities and country and stole, killed, and – yes, we don’t like talking about it – raped.

Take the economic collapse in Argentina in 2000 for example. Read the accounts of a survivor, FerFal, as he describes what happened out in the country to those peaceful and decent farm families.  Who were unarmed.  Russia in the early 1990s is another example. Bosnia. We all know what happened there.

It’s not just rape.  Good old fashioned stealing is a problem for peaceful gardeners.  I find it amazing that gardeners will erect sophisticated barriers so deer and other animals don’t eat their crops, but they have no real defense against people walking up and stealing all the food they so diligently protected from deer.  News flash: a gang, or even a hungry neighbor, is much more of a threat to your food supplies than a deer.  Defend your garden accordingly.

“Oh,” the peaceful gardener will say, “I have a gun to defend my homestead.”  What kind of gun? “Grandpa’s 30-30.” Not good enough. Count on bad guys to be much better armed – perhaps even rogue military and law enforcement – and definitely count on them to rove in packs of several men.  Don’t think about scaring off one person; think about killing a street gang.

Once they get to your house, you’re dead.  You need to keep them away, far way.  You need full-time long-range snipers – yes, plural – and you need a warning and communication system.  You need to have extremely badass-looking men with impressive weapons and gear that bad guys instantly realize they don’t want to mess with. You need word to get out that you have a bunch of warriors.  Gangs and especially hungry neighbors will move on and try to take someone else’s garden that’s only defended by Grandpa’s 30-30.  Good.

Can every single peaceful gardner acquire a security team? Nope. This is what community is for.  A community has a security team that does this work.  But how does the security team eat?  They can’t be out pulling weeds when they should be patrolling.

The answer is so simple and, quite frankly, it baffles me that liberty-minded gardeners don’t realize this: trade. The security teams will trade their services for food – that can now be grown because there are no bands of gangs stealing it.  This is the free market.  I can’t believe some hardcore libertarian gardeners who think everyone should garden.  They are wrong.

Here’s another fallacy to the idea that gardening is king for everyone: the assumption that everyone is set up to garden.  Take my cabin, for example. There isn’t much space that has any sunlight.  But there’s plenty of space to house the Team and store our vital supplies.  Gardening doesn’t work for everyone.

So the next time someone says, “You can’t eat a gun,” remind them, “Your wife never got raped by a garden.”


“Joe Tantori” is a real guy.  He’s just like I describe in the books.  He really has a training facility and really is a Patriot.  Joe is an extremely interesting guy.

Joe is putting out a really great AR-15 that’s different: it has the latitude and longitude of his facility engraved on the lower – and this is the “Rally Point.”  As in, if you have one of his rifles, you have an invitation to come to his facility when the Collapse comes and be with like-minded people.  His facility is the Rally Point.

Here’s the web site about his rifle, which he calls the Ft. Discovery Expedition Rifle.  Here’s an interview with Joe about the Rally Point and the rifle on Bob Mayne’s Handgun World Podcast (Joe comes on at 20:23).

We’re at a thrilling time in our history.  Patriots are putting manufacturing rifles with the latitude and longitude of a rally point.  Think about that.

I wanted to let everyone know about some cool people I’ve met: the NuManna Food Storage dudes.  They’re like us: Patriots, preppers, and fun.  They  make really good freeze-dried meals that store in handy buckets for up to 25 years.  Numanna meals are Team-tested and Team-approved.  It’s what we stockpile out at the real cabin.  Here’s a picture of Pow hogging up all the NuManna mac n cheese.


Here is Cliven Bundy with a bucket of Numanna food:

photo (1)

Numanna donated a bunch to the Bundy guys.  This is a company that believes in what we believe in.

photo 5 (1)

Give NuManna a try.  There’s only two things that give me peace of mind in this pre-Collapse era: (1) having lots of ammo, and (2) having lots of long-term storage food.  Peace of mind is a big deal.

NuManna has a $25 gift certificate for 299ers.  Use coupon code 299Days until June 13 to get the gift certificate.  Pretty good way to try ’em out.  You’ll be glad you did.  Here’s some NuManna out at the real cabin:


Why being a prepper sucks – but must be done

by Glen Tate on May 30, 2014

I recently had a chance to realize the sacrifices I’m making for being a prepper.  My marriage would be a lot more harmonious if I weren’t prepping.  I would have a lot more free time, and money.  I wouldn’t have to think about diseases and gangs.  I could be a normal American.

And I’d soon be dead.  So would my family.

I know with absolute certainty that a collapse is coming.  I also know that doing relatively small things now will allow me and my family and the Team to live.  Not only live, but live semi-comfortably through the worst period of American history ever.  When up to 90% of the population is dead or dying, I’ll be having pancakes with my family and my brothers, the Team.  Fist bumps and maple syrup as we head out for a day of work protecting people.  “This never gets old,” I’ll say.  “Beats the shit out of selling insurance,” Pow will say.

So the marital strife I’m suffering now will quickly be seen as a small price to pay.  Who knows: she might even utter at “thank you” when she realizes all her man did for her and the kids.  The time I spent now on radios, fish anti-biotics, water treatment, escape plans, and generators will seem like nothing at all – it will seem like the best possible use of time ever.  Ever.  And money?  This weekend I was sealing small bags of rice and beans that had a price tag of “$1.00.”  I smiled.  I knew that when I pull those out of storage, that same bag will cost $100 – if anyone is still taking American dollars .  I will smile again.  Even harder, and I’ll feel the warmth of knowing that I did the right thing, despite all the sacrifices.

MAG 40 class in Arkansas!

by Glen Tate on May 26, 2014

MAG 40 is the Massad Ayoob Group’s 40-hour pistol and legal course. I highly, highly recommend it. Great pistol training and a 20-hour course of self-defense law that’s the best in the nation. Oh, and it’s not all “law school” legal instruction – it’s actually interesting and easy to follow.

The class was full of really cool and interesting people. Here are some photos.

I finally got to sign a woman’s shirt! Well, she was fully clothed and her husband was standing there – so it wasn’t the “rock star” autographing that I had in mind, but it was a blast to do it anyway. Angie is awesome (and a really good shooter).

Glen & Angie-1Glen & Angie-2Glen & Angie-3

This is me and Chaz from the Road Gunner Podcast:

Glen & Chaz-1

This is Marc with a “C”, a MAG40 instructor and well known to listeners of the Gun Dudes podcast:

Glen & marC-1

This is Erik, a letter carrier from Pittsburgh who shot a perfect 300 score on the qualifier. This mailman can shoot:

Glen & Erik-2

This is Sticks, a podcaster from the Armed Squirrels Project:


I did alright on this target (4 yards, 18 rounds):


The TSP Gear Shop, who does all the 299 hats, stickers, shirts, and patches, donated some of the awesome “Untrained Civilian Goofball” patches. Here’s John B, a great guy from SE Missouri, imitating the guy on the patch (who is me):


Here is me and my nemesis (just for fun) Jon Hoddaway of Nighthawk Custom Training. We did a hilarious exchange on a joint taping of the Road Gunner, Polite Society, and Armed Squirrels Project podcasts:


Yes, Jon makes me look super skinny and sexy.

If you ever get a chance to do a MAG 40 class, do it. The Gun Dudes have one coming up September 10- 13 in Utah. That’d be a hoot to attend.

Help us pick the narrator for the audio book!

by Glen Tate on May 14, 2014


You guys are more than just “readers” – you’re community.  I value your opinion.  I received 212 (!) auditions from narrators.  I narrowed them down to the 12 below.  I won’t guarantee that your pick will be the guy, but I’m very interested in what you guys think.

Each narrator is listed below in alphabetical order.  A link to his audition is provided (in one case, to his three readings).  They are all reading the same passage (the extra-readings guy has two extra) so you can get a standardized reading.  This allows an apples-to-apples comparison.  The standardized reading includes various characters’ voices, including a female one.

There’s a handy poll feature below so you can simply rank them that way.  You can go on Facebook or email me with your picks, but it’s way, way harder for me to keep track of your picks that way.  The poll feature is the way to go.

Thanks again for being a community.

OK, here are the narrators (in alphabetical order):


Well, the Kickstarter campaign didn’t fund

by Glen Tate on May 6, 2014

Screen Shot 1 2014-03-19 at 8.24.49 PM

Thanks to all of you – hundreds of you – who pledged to the Kickstarter campaign to make the movie.  Movies cost a lot of money (if you do them well) and, accordingly, we needed to raise a lot.  We didn’t.

I wouldn’t have changed a thing about this Kickstarter campaign.  We did everything we needed to do.  I have no regrets.

I want to thank “HD” (Hollywood Dude, the producer), Autumn “PR Girl” Torres, and Josiah “19 Delta” Wallingford for putting in a ton of really good work on this.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Now it’s time to get the audio books released…

Help us make 299 Days: THE MOVIE!!!

by Glen Tate on May 2, 2014

Screen Shot 1 2014-03-19 at 8.24.49 PM

Yep.  This is the big announcement.

Let’s make a movie.  For real.

Everything you need to know is here, on the Kickstarter page for 299 Days.

Here’s more detail: We have a real Hollywood producer – who is a Patriot and prepper (!) – and we’re going to raise the money to make the first of hopefully three 299 Days movies.  Movie One will be based on Book One and Book Two.  You can listen all about it on this interview of me on the Survival Podcast (which, by the way, is the best interview I’ve ever done.)

We know Hollywood is full of left-wing lunatics so we’re not counting on them to make this movie.  Instead, we – the Patriot and prepper community – are going to do it ourselves.  We’re self-reliant; doing things ourselves is what we do.  A movie is no exception.

We will raise the money in two stages: (1) pre-sales of DVDs and Blu-Rays, and (2) a Kickstarter campaign for the remainder.  (Here is background on how Kickstarter works.)  No one has to pay a dime unless we meet our funding goal and can then make the movie.  Here are the details:

The first stage is from March 20 to April 1 when we will pre-sell DVDs and blu-rays of the movie.  You can pledge to buy them here.  We are not collecting your credit card numbers now; you are merely pledging to buy DVDs and blu-rays.  If we don’t meet the funding goal  We’re doing pre-sales to raise as much money as we can this way so we can ask for less in a Kickstarter campaign.  If we don’t meet your Kickstarter funding goal then we don’t get the Kickstarter money, so we want the Kickstarter goal to be as low as possible.  So please pre-order as many DVDs and Blu-Rays as you can – they make great presents to hand out to people to described why they should be a prepper.  The more you order, the better the chance of the moving being made.

The second stage is from April 2 to May 2 when we launch the Kickstarter campaign.  In that time period, you can go onto the Kickstarter web page for 299 Days and (1) view the magnificent video trailer we did (some of the screen shots are below), and (2) make a pledge.  The great thing about Kickstarter is the rewards.  You get something cool for your pledge.  For example, a $20 pledge gets you a sticker or patch.  A larger pledge gets you a signed movie poster.  An even larger pledge gets you a role as an extra.  A really big pledge gets you all of those things plus a weekend out at the cabin with the Team or a trip to Jack Spirko’s.

No matter what you do, please do two things: (1) watch the Kickstarter video once it’s up on April 2, and (2) share the this blog post and (after April 2) the Kickstarter page on Facebook, Twitter, and by email to your friends – and post about it on forums.  Get the word out about the Kickstarter campaign.

We can do this.  But we need your help.  Think how great you’ll feel if we can actually make the first movie that accurately portrays us – and you had a direct part in making that happen.

Thank you.  Each and every single one of you.


Here are screen shots from the Kickstarter video that will be available starting April 2 on the Kickstarter page for 299 Days (link to be provided on April 2).

Screen Shot 2 2014-03-19 at 8.26.38 PM

Screen Shot 3 2014-03-19 at 8.34.10 PM

Screen Shot 4 2014-03-19 at 8.32.42 PM

Screen Shot 5 2014-03-19 at 8.28.58 PM

Screen Shot 6 2014-03-19 at 8.29.26 PM

Screen Shot 7 2014-03-19 at 8.33.13 PM

Screen Shot 8 2014-03-19 at 8.31.31 PM




Sign up for the pledge

In an effort to reduce the funding amount we need to ask for on Kickstarter, we are offering a discounted price on the pre-sale of DVDs. In addition to receiving an autographed DVD, you will get email updates on the progress of the production, your name on the “Special Thanks” wall of the 299 Days website, a .pdf of the script, and a “Thank you” post, on your Facebook wall, from Glen himself. This reward on the Kickstarter campaign will go for $65. If you pledge now, you will receive it for only $50 (30% discount).

This form is only a pledge to pre-order. No payment is required until we reach our goal on the Kickstarter campaign. If we do not reach our goal, you will not pay anything.

This pre-order opportunity is available from March 19th through April 1st, 2014. We will then launch the 30 day Kickstarter campaign to raise the balance of the funds needed. Only if we are successful, will you be asked to remit payment for your pre-ordered DVD(s).

The information on this form will be kept 100% confidential. The data will not be shared with anyone.

The pre-sale pledge period has ended.  To obtain a signed DVD or BluRay, please go to the 299 Days Kickstarter page.




I was in Seattle last night at a swanky event full of hipsters.  They were typical lefty urban people: weak, shallow, feminized, obsessed with image, skinny, arrogant – and pretty much unhappy.  In a room of a couple hundred people, I was the only man.  There were lots of “males,” but no men.

As I met people, I kept asking myself, “Would this person be an asset out at Pierce Point when the Collapse comes?”  The answer was consistently, “No.  Hell no.”  These people were so dependent I can’t imagine them lasting more than two or three days without the internet. I’m serious.

As I was driving home, I looked out at the Seattle skyline.  I must admit that it was beautiful.  The sun was setting on the Space Needle, the mountains, the ocean, the boats, and the bustle of a thriving and highly affluent international city.   I realized that almost no one in this beautiful city will be worth a crap when the Collapse comes.  They’ll be trying to order cases of bottled water on Amazon during a riot.

I’m not sure exactly how many people live in Seattle or what percentage of them are hipsters, but I came up with 1.7 million in my head.  (I’m a fiction writer; I get to make shit up.)  I kept thinking about 1.7 million worthless hipsters.

Then I pulled into a sandwich shop to get something to eat (I couldn’t eat any of the foofy crap they had at the event).  Ahead of me in line was a mildly retarded man.

We started talking.  He told me his name was Steven.  I found it really easy to talk to him because… I had more in common with him than with anyone at that event in Seattle.

Steven was happy and humble.  He didn’t have anything to be happy about by the standards of the hipsters, but he was genuinely joyous.  I had a powerful feeling that God was very happy with Steven, who He created.  Steven was modest and content; he was the opposite of the hipsters.

I asked myself the same question about Steven that I’d been asking all night, “Would this person be an asset at Pierce Point?”

The answer was yes with Steven.  He wouldn’t complain.  He would work hard.  He would be nice to people.  He would listen.  He would try his best.

Then it hit me: I’d trade 1.7 million hipsters for one mildly retarded man.

Steven: you’re welcome out at Pierce Point, my friend.




(Look at this picture: Cliven Bundy is on stage with a black man! Gasp! The New York Times said Bundy was a hateful racist. How is it possible that Bundy would hang out with a black guy? Maybe Bundy’s not a real racist, but just a “racist” under the New York Times definition.)

This week, the New York Times reported that Cliven Bundy said some racist things. Bundy essentially said that blacks might have been happier as slaves than welfare reciepents. Bundy’s wife summed up what he really meant: “What he was saying is that there are lots of different forms of slavery.
Welfare is one kind. It’s just another way to suppress people.” I 100% agree with that.

Let’s get this out of the way quickly so it doesn’t detract from my main point: I don’t think blacks were better off as slaves or somehow want to be slaves or should be slaves or whatever the hell else people are claiming Bundy means.  People are people, no matter their color – I’m tired of having to even say this. By the way, if anyone wants to check my non-racist credentials, read my books.  Read about Pow, Bobby, Gideon, Ashur, Berkowitz, Ramirez, Vasquez, Anderson, and some more characters coming up in Book Nine.  And if you want to tell the real Pow that white people are superior, be my guest. In fact, I dare you. Oh, and I’m (proudly) an enrolled citizen of an American Indian tribe.  So don’t start with me on the race thing.  OK, back to the main point of this blog post.

Here’s what I’m saying: don’t fall into the trap of thinking you have to agree 100% with everything a Patriot says or else you need to run away from him or her and disavow them. I’m seeing some “Patriots” run fast from Bundy and it’s bullshit.  No one will every agree 100% with you. Ever. Don’t set that as the standard. You can never meet it. If 100% agreement is the standard, we’ll never agree with each other. And that’s what the Limas want. The perfect form of divide and conquer.

What if the New York Times spent its vast resources investigating the BLM agents?  What if one of them beat his kids (just an example – I’m not saying any of them have done this). Would BLM and Harry Reid issue a statement that they will never associate with that agent?  See: disavowing people on your side only works one way – against Patriots and for Limas.

Don’t play their game on their turf and expect to win. I stand by Cliven Bundy. You should too.

We’ve all seen the video of the people telling the feds to go away and the feds – with snipers and SWAT teams – retreating.  If you haven’t seen it, please watch it.  You can’t appreciate what I’m about to say without watching this short video.

This was a win.  The feds retreated.  But some of you think this is a hollow victory, a temporary win with the feds coming in in the end and snuffing out the Bundys.

You are simultaneously right and wrong.

You’re right that the feds will impose their will on the Bundys.  They’ll wait for the crowds to go down and they’ll arrest them for tax evasion or something.  I get it.  I don’t think the feds are nice people.

But you’re wrong if you think this wasn’t a win.  That is, if you define a “win” as “the Bundys live happily ever after.”  A win, in my mind, is the Patriots realizing that we CAN make the feds retreat.  It’s called energizing your base. Doing this is critical anytime you’re trying to persuade large numbers of people – gasp! “politics”: how evil, we can’t possible want to persuade people because that’s “unprincipled.”  Listen to me: we need to persuade people to join us and to not help the Loyalists.  We need the general population, or at least a good chunk of them, wanting us to win.  You and I are mad at average Americans for being sheeple.  But get over it.  Quit hating the people you need if you want to change things.

You do want to change things, don’t you?  I mean, you’re not in this Patriot thing just to be stand-off-ish and joyfully be in the minority because you’re better than everyone else, are you?  ‘Cause, with a few of you, it kinda seems that way.  Some of you are sitting around ready for a drone to shoot a missile at you instead of actually trying to change things.

Bundy Ranch was the Boston Tea Party of our time.  What did the Boston Tea Party accomplish?  It showed the Patriots that the British weren’t invincible – and it showed the general population that the British were unable to stop the Patriots.  It energized the Patriots and weakened the British in the eyes of the general population.  Now, did the Loyalists ultimately tax the tea (the replacement tea)?  Yes.  Did the British prosecute and harass some of the Patriots as a result of the Boston Tea Party?  Yes.  Was it a “everyone lives happily ever after” outcome?  Nope.

But it showed the masses that the mighty government wasn’t so mighty.  That’s the point.

That’s why Bundy Ranch – no matter what ultimately happens – was a win.

Enjoy it instead of ducking from all the drones.


We get tons  request for the Team to teach tactical classes and for people to see the real “Joe Tantori” facility.  Now we’re doing both.

We will do a limited number of two-day courses over a weekend with a Saturday night in the bunkhouse with the Team.


We limit the number of students to 10.  Our classes cover pistol, carbine, and shotgun – and a short legal class on the laws of concealed carry.  We answer gear questions and let students try different weapons and other equipment.  All food is provided.

The dates for the classes are (more to follow):

  • June 14-15, 2014 (pistol)

The cost is $700 for the two-day course.  Students must bring a weapon appropriate for the course (that is, a pistol for the pistol course, carbine for the carbine course, etc.) and 500 rounds of ammunition per weapon per day.  (More details follow at the end of this page).

To contact us and sign up, send an email to and cc

Here are some pics of trainings in the past:




DSC_0801-1_zpsd00b9b5b DSC_0786_zps19d18f45  DSC_0794_zpsff47c1f2 DSC_0743_zpsbb205146 DSC_0633_zps73179b5b DSC_0720_zps144dca20 DSC_0714_zps5426900f DSC_0734_zpsbf9032d8 DSC_0741_zps8d471ead DSC_0649_zps43e7b554 DSC_0637_zps39527210 DSC_0653_zps9ac9e3e1 DSC_0665_zpsd2684613 DSC_0656_zps73c132f4 DSC_0655_zps2a5ca4e9 IMG_0749-1_zpsb7ea547d 8f946216-3daa-4d4d-b8eb-3dcde2317309_zps1373d2ca photo-182_zps6b17f2d5 photo-183_zps7cc10d98 DSC_0052_zps9ca302e3 DSC_0043-1_zpsac709fe8 securedownload_zpsd51486bd photo-80_zpseae5dd4d DSC_0040_zpsdf3dca6d DSC_0119-1_zpsf758af95 IMG_8508_zpsc0a2b6f8 IMG_3494_zps83cdabe1


Here is the flyer for the course on June 14-15:

2 Day Pistol Course

***ONLY 10 SPOTS***
First come First Serve


JUNE 14-15  (Saturday Sunday)


Defensive Handgun

There is a great difference between a gun owner and a trained defensive weapons operator!  A gun owner understands a weapon for what it is.  An operator understands the capability of the weapon and, more importantly, the limitations of the operator manipulating that weapon. This course is designed to teach shooters proper safety, an overview of self-defense law, and an introduction to defensive-style shooting.  We start by establishing confidence and instructing the core fundamentals, which leads to successfully manipulating a handgun and overcoming critical stress.

Day 2

Strategic Handgun

The environment and situation is what changes the operator’s strategies.  From mild distractions to full-on disruption and chaos, all elements of the conflicts must be accounted for. This course is tailored to place the skilled operator in real life scenarios.  You will learn to be quick and maintain accuracy by streamlining your movements.  You will remove excessive movements, exemplify weapon discipline, and reduce liabilities.  Every millisecond counts; failure is not an option.  You will live this and thoroughly understand it after Day 2.

COST: $700
(This includes shared lodging on sight.  Heated bunk house with a full size beds.)


• Handgun (semi auto or revolvers) (NO rim fire)
• Holster
• Minimum of 4 magazines
• Minimum of 6 speed loaders for revolvers
• Magazine holster
• Eye protection
• Ear protection
• Minimum of 500 rounds
• Additional sets of clothing (2)
• Personal hygiene
• Towel
• Sleeping bag

Ft. Discovery has pro-shop on site (ammo, etc.).  Price list provided upon request.

NuManna freeze dried foods – outstanding!

by Glen Tate on March 13, 2014


The NuManna Food Storage people are big fans of the books and sent the Team a family pack of freeze-dried food to try.

We loved it!  NuManna will be our long-term food out at the real cabin.  NuManna is legit.

There are a couple of things I really like about NuManna.  First, the food tastes spectacular.  Scotty was skeptical that freeze-dried food could taste like home-cooked; he was pleasantly surprised.


We loved the Mac n Cheese.  It tasted home cooked.  Oh, and when they say “six servings,” it’s actually six servings.

Second, NuManna is made with good ingredients.  No GMOs, MSG, corn syrup, or Aspartame.  You can tell that someone cooked up a good meal and then preserved it.

Third, the packages come in a really cool bucket.  It has a latch so you can easily get the packets out.  The buckets stack, which is key for filling up your bug out location with food that lasts at least 25 years.


Fourth, there is a great variety.  Here’s what’s in the Family Pack:

  • Pasta Primavera
  • Cheesy Potato Soup
  • Rice Pilaf
  • Sweet Habanero Chili
  • Cheddar Broccoli Soup
  • Pasta Alfredo
  • Chili Mac
  • Mac -n- Cheese
  • Hearty Chicken Soup
  • Enchilada Beans and Rice
  • Italian Pasta with Marinara
  • Mulitgrain Cereal
  • Oatmeal w/ Brown Sugar
  • Pancake Mix – you know how I love pancake mix!

Six, NuManna is a family business operated by Patriots.  These guys are one of us.

Here’s a final reason to love NuManna: they’ll send you a free sample so you can try it and decide if NuManna should be your longterm food.  Just click here and they’ll send you a free sample.


Give NuManna a try.

Help us pick the audio book narrator

by Glen Tate on March 9, 2014


We have received several inquiries from audio book narrators.  We want to hear what you think about which one to pick.  We’ll end up picking up the one that works the best overall (voice, can meet deadlines, etc.) but we really want to hear what you think about each of them.

Below is a link to the work of each narrator who has contacted us.  I put them in order of them contacting us.

Go onto the Facebook post (click here for it) we have for narrator suggestions and let us know in the comments who you like and why.

Be sure and come back to this page periodically and listen to any new narrators who popped up here since the last time you visited the page.  We put the date they first appeared on here to help you know which ones you’ve already listened to.

Thanks, you guys.  We appreciate the help.  (Oh, and if you haven’t done an Amazon review yet of all seven books, please do.  Thanks.)

Here are the narrators:


by Glen Tate on March 9, 2014


Yes, this is us.  And, yes, a Hollywood dude (also a Patriot) is filming us.  And, yes, something big will be announced on March 20.  Stay tuned.

From left to right: “Scotty,” “Grant,” “Pow,” “Bobby,” and “Donnie.”  Not shown: “Wes.”

Share TheTeamVideo with everyone you can.  It’s OK.  Pow won’t shoot you in the face or anything.  Probably.


Do you ever wonder if you’re insane to be prepping?  I sure do.  I mean, I know the Collapse is coming but sometimes I think about the money and time I spend getting ready and I wonder.  Am I over reacting?  Am I over analytical.  Am I crazy?


Today I felt validated.  I got to see that the time and money I spend is worth it.  I got a preview of what’s coming: being prepared when others aren’t.

It was just a little thing, but the principle is the same.  As soon as the Ukrainian president fled the country, I knew the Russians would invade.  I knew it wouldn’t be on a large scale, just something mild (but effective) like having Spetsnaz take over a Ukrainian provincial parliament building and then maybe some cyber attacks on the Ukrainian computer system.  Seriously, that’s what I thought would happen.

And it did. I knew that as soon as the Russians started doing this that one of the sanctions the US could impose would be banning imports of Russian ammunition.  This happened in 2008 when Russia invaded Georgia (the country not the state! – I don’t want to be accused of false rumors!).  5.45×39 ammunition, which is manufactured in Russia and comes in green “spam cans,” dried up in days.  I actually don’t know if Russian ammo imports were suspended in 2008, but I knew that the possibility of it would empty the shelves of 5.45.  And it happened back then.

So I knew 5.45 would dry up now given the Ukrainian situation.  I got a bunch of 5.45 last week.  Today I found out that the shelves are empty of spam cans of 5.45.  And this is at Surplus Ammo and Arms, the largest ammo retailer on the West Coast.

I felt validated.  I saw a threat, it played out exactly like my over reacting, over analytical, and crazy self thought it would.  I took action, and now I have stuff I need and others don’t.

This isn’t a “neener neener” story, this is saying that it feels great to be that “crazy” prepper, take action, and have stuff you need when others don’t.

I suspect I’ll be having this same feeling about all that food, those water barrels, all the radios, that generator, and all those medical supplies…

Audio Book! Auditions for narrators

by Glen Tate on March 6, 2014


We have put up Book One and Book Two on ACX for narrators to audition.  Here is the audition information.  We will select a really, really good narrator.  No second-rate stuff for 299ers!


Coolest contest ever!  Here are the real beer coozies we use on the Team. They’re made by SOE Tactical, which makes some of the finest tactical gear on the planet.

The Team’s SOE coozies are like a membership card; when you’re asked onto the Team, you get a coozie.  If you show up at a Team function without your coozie (Bobby!) you have to buy the Team a case of beer.
Well, the amazing people at SOE Tactical, who have been supporting 299 Days since day one, are giving away 10 of their fabulous coozies – and they come with your name and “THE TEAM” on them just like the coozies we use.
Here’s how the contest works:
(1) Do a review on Amazon of each of the seven books.  A short review like “Awesome” works just fine.
(2) Do a “share” of on your Facebook page.
(3) Send an email to me at and let me know your Amazon user name so we can check and make sure you did the reviews. If you’ve done extra stuff to help the book, like told your friends to read it, let me know that too.
(4) We’ll randomly draw 10 names.  If you win, we’ll contact you and get the name you’d like on your coozie’s name tape.
(5) We will mail you kick-ass Team coozie with your name and the Team on the name tapes.
(6) You will enjoy a totally cool Team coozie.
Boom!  It’s that easy.


I’ve always been a huge fan of Solidarity, the freedom movement in Poland in the 1980s that led to the overthrow of an oppressive Communist regime. (This photo is of me.) How the Polish freedom fighters did it is, in my view, a dress rehearsal for how we can fix things in America.

So I am thrilled to share with you a fabulous interview of Leszek, a man who escaped from Communist Poland, conducted by John Jacob Schmidt on Radio Free Redoubt.  (Leszek’s interview starts at 33:17). Leszek and John Jacob are both friends of mine.

Leszek describes the everyday-life conditions of Communism. While the US isn’t quite there yet, you will be stunned by the similarities. He describes what martial law is like from firsthand experience. You should listen to this interview.

Many of the themes in 299 Days about life in the Loyalist-held areas like Olympia comes from descriptions of what life is like under a Communist regime, especially the part about how the privileged few get more from the government than the masses. You will see similarities between what life was like in Poland in the past and how I describe life in America in the future.

Parallels between the 1929 stock crash and now

by Glen Tate on February 12, 2014

I put up this article on Facebook and more than 70 of you shared it in a few hours. That tells me this is s topic people care about.

The article talks about this graph, which shows parallels between 1929 and now:


We all know the stock market will crash. The record high stock prices today are all artificial: the fake corporate earnings, the Fed pumping $1 trillion a year into the economy (mostly into the stock market, at least indirectly), the fundamental weakness of the economy, and the fact that a significant portion of the money in the stock market is just from people blindly throwing their money into 401(k)s instead of people investing in companies that will actually make an honest profit.  That is, the current high numbers in the stock market are not because the companies are worth it; it’s due to the above-mentioned phony bologna.

There are some big differences between 1929 and now, and they relate to how much more devastating a crash would be now. In 1929, we had a fundamentally strong economy.  It was largely unregulated. There was no Obamacare, no ridiculous taxes, no EPA, etc. In 1929 the Federal Reserve was not pumping any money into the stock market; now it’s a trillion dollars a year.  Another huge difference is that in 1929, very few people were actually in the stock market.  Investors in 1929 were almost exclusively the rich.  Now most of the country has a 401(k).  The destruction of a crash would hit most Americans now, not just a handful of rich people.  In 1929, America was far, far different socially. There was no welfare and people were about a 1,000 times more self-sufficient than now.  Most people in 1929 lived on farms and could grow their own food and there was entitlement mentality.  Now there is violence when EBT cards don’t work for a few hours in a few areas.

Things are different now so I’m not saying things will be exactly the same as in 1929. I note that the scale of the numbers on the graph is different.  The numbers on the left of the graph start at 12,400 and go to 17,200, while the numbers on the left start at 200 and go to 400.  So the graph for the current stock market is only looking at the movements of stock prices in the upper end of the market (12,400 and above); there are lines going up and down for the prices under 12,400 that aren’t on this graph.  Also, the numbers are not adjusted for inflation.  That would change the curves of the graphs.

I am not a stock trader trying to predict when the market will crash.  I focus on the consequences of a crash. What all this means, at least to me, is that the current stock market is much more fake, and the consequences for a crash are much more dire. In 1929, it would have been absurd to think there would be massive riots after a crash.  Now, it is widely accepted.  In fact, the federal government is actively planning for these riots.  Think about that: the government is not only acknowledging rioting after a crash, but is planning on how to deal with it.

I think the graph is important to think about.  If nothing else, it should kick people into gear when it comes to getting ready for the crash that is coming.


Football and prepping (not what you’re thinking)

by Glen Tate on February 3, 2014

Some of my prepper friends think football is a giant waste of time.  They ask, “Wouldn’t it be great if people spent as much time and engergy on prepping and liberty as they do on some stupid game.”  My friends are right.  But…

I think it’s too easy for us preppers to become entirely detached from the rest of society.  Don’t get me wrong: I want to be mostly detached from the goofiness, dependence, and excessiveness that is modern America society.

But I also want to persuade people to prep and to embrace liberty.  (That’s why I wrote the books.)  So I often think about prepping and liberty in terms of whether I am persauding people to join us, or whether I’m turning them off and reinforcing in their minds that “preppers are weirdos.”  We need as many liberty-minded preppers as possible around us when the Collapse hits.

Telling people what dumbasses they are for liking football won’t persuade them to join us.  Talking to them about football and then being around the water cooler when they finally ask, “So what would happen to my family if the electricity went out” is what I’m trying to accomplish.

I also note that my family’s Superbowl tradition is a healthy one.  For the past 15 years or so, we’ve had a party with the same families.  We eat amazing food and have a couple of beers.  Our kids play together.  We catch up on the year’s events.  It’s just good old fashioned fellowship.  In fact, this year was the first year we had a grandchild at our Superbowl party.  I remember a few years ago when our kids started having boyfriends and girlfriends showing up as guests.

So I guess what I’m saying is that we preppers cannot be dwelling on the end of the world all the time.  We need to mix with the rest of society and enjoy a football game – and grandkids.

Oh, and by the way, my Seahawks freakin’ rule.


Something really, really big is coming in March

by Glen Tate on January 25, 2014

March will be a very big month.  (No, I don’t have inside knowledge that the Collapse is happening then.)

Let me put it this way: the number of people who will receive the 299 Days message might get much, much bigger.  You won’t believe what it is.

Stunningly, you will be able to be a part of it.  Sounds weird, but it won’t be when you see in March what it is.

This little book I secretly wrote for two years – and never expected anyone to read – is getting bigger and bigger.  And I don’t just mean the number of people reading it.  The 299 Days message is reaching more and more people.

Buckle up and get ready for a thrilling ride.  March will be amazing – and you can be part of it.


Ahead of my time – and so are you

by Glen Tate on January 21, 2014

I am ahead of my time.  If you’re reading this, you are too.

We can see what’s coming; others can’t or won’t.  We are ahead of our time.

And it sucks.  You’d think it’d be cool to see a glimpse into the future and be able to prepare somewhat for it.  It’s good that we are preparing, but it’s frustrating when we look around and no one else sees this.  Worse yet, they make fun of us for being “doomsdayers.”

But I thought about it and I say “screw you” to the rest of the world who doesn’t see this.

I am ahead of my time – and I’m damned proud of it.  It’s a gift we’ve been given and it’s a good thing.  Enjoy it.  Celebrate it.

And to do that, here’s a great song about being ahead of your time.  Savor it.  Listen to it twice.  And when you’re listening to it, think about how much better you off you are – despite the frustration – for being ahead of your time.

Ahead of My Time by the Teddybears


2013 Was a Big Year for 299 Days; 2014 Will Be Bigger

by Glen Tate on December 23, 2013


At the end of the year, it’s natural to think about the past year.  You know, all the “Year in Review” things that come out this time of year.  It gets you thinking.

2013 was a break-out year for the 299 Days book series and all it represents.  Books One through Four came out in 2012, but the series really took off in 2013 with the release of Books Five through Seven.  Book Six, released in June, was particularly big.  With its amazing cover art and cliff-hanger last chapter, Book Six was the one that got many people into the series. 

Did the books do this on their own?  Nope.  You guys did it.  You told friends about the book.  You wrote a review of each book on Amazon.  You got on Facebook, Twitter, and your forums and told people about this unusual prepper novel series – unusual because it’s real.  It’s about real people, it’s about real events, and it’s written by a real person.  An imperfect person who shares his imperfections with you.  That’s so rare in today’s plastic culture.  This isn’t a story about a “cool guy” action hero.  Because that’s not real.

Real resonates.  People understand real.  They can relate to Grant Matson, Lisa Matson, and a six-foot Korean gunfighter who sells insurance – even though they’ve never met one (and perhaps only one exists on the planet).  People wanted to hear more about these real people.

I appeared on almost 60 podcasts and Youtube interviews in 2013.  Some were funny, many were informative and thought-provoking, and all of them were real conversations with an interviewer that you got to listen in on.

Another big event in 2013, but one that’s behind the scenes and you probably didn’t know about, is that I was lucky enough to have Autumn “PR Girl” Torres come on board as my publicist.  She is tremendous and many of the cool things that magically happen with getting the word out about the book are because of her efforts and spectacular contacts in the Patriot community. 

In 2013, we came out with an extensive line of stickers, patches, hats, and shirts.  “I Miss America” gear flew off the shelves.  That phrase says everything.  People want to tell people they miss America and the “I Miss America” items do that.  They start conversations with total strangers who, like you, thought they were all alone.  There is nothing better than wearing an “I Miss America” shirt and getting a thumbs-up from a stranger.  Many of you know this feeling first hand.

2013 also saw the birth of the Cool Friends Project.  This is a collection of … well, cool friends.  They’re people I’ve met this year while doing the books.  They are gear makers, podcasters, and others who are people I was a fan of before the books and now they’re fans of mine.

One of the most satisfying things for me in 2013 was how many of you sent me emails and Facebook messages about your own struggles and triumphs.  I answered every single one – because I’m thrilled you contacted me and trust my opinion.  Talking to you guys never gets old.  Never. 

2013 was also the year that the 299 community came together on Facebook.  You guys sent in dozens of Patriot of the Week pictures.  Your pictures of little kids reading the books melt my heart.  You should take a few minutes and just look through all the photos from this year on the Facebook page.  It’s an amazing collection of memories of an unbelievable year.  The numbers show that you guys love the Facebook page.  We went from about 300 “likes” to 3,000.  Ten-fold.  In one year.

2014 will be big.  Ten more fold?  It’s entirely possible.  I can’t tell you everything that we’re planning, but rest assured that I’m not slowing down with 299 Days.  Books Eight and Nine will come out in the Spring and Summer, and Book Ten – the 43 Colonels book – will be out by Thanksgiving.  You will love all the remaining books.  If you think the adventures at Pierce Point have been interesting so far, wait until the big battle happens and see what happens to the various characters. 

I’m trying to decide if I can tell you some of the things in store for 2014.  I better not, in case they don’t happen and people get disappointed.  I’ll just say this: the printed word is just one of many mediums through which the 299 Days story can – and hopefully will – be presented.  I’ll leave it at that.  But you guys are pretty smart and probably know what I’m getting at.

Finally, let me thank each and every one of you.  You have no idea what an honor it is telling the 299 Days story to tens of thousands of people.  I never thought anyone would read these books.  I mean it.  Thank you, thank you, thank you for listening to me tell the deepest thoughts in my heart.  What an honor.  I think I’ll have many more humbling honors and amazing moments in 2014. 

Happy New Year.  I mean it.

People always ask me what they can do spread the word about the books. With Book Seven coming out in mid December, you can do some little things to really help. So, much like a David Letterman Top 10 list, here are some things you can do:
10. Do an Amazon review of Book Seven – heck, do one for each of the first six books. You have no idea how spectacularly helpful Amazon reviews are. The Amazon computers pay huge attention to them to decide if a book is legit and whether Amazon should suggest it to readers who have purchased similar ones.
9. Post something about the books on the forums you’re on. If there is already a 299 Days thread, comment on it. If there isn’t a thread on Book Seven, you can start one.  You can start one now, before the book is out, and speculate about what happens in Book Seven.
8. Get some bookmarks from me and hand them out if you have a booth at a gun show or something similar.
7. Similarly, you could ask your local gun store if they would put out the bookmarks at the front counter (I will send you the bookmarks to give them).
6. Facebook is an amazing tool. You can invite your friends to “like” the 299 Days (the book) page.
5. You can “share” 299 Days (the book) Facebook posts with your Facebook friends.
4. Sign up for the emails with links to the free bonus chapters on the home page of (There is some good stuff in those bonus chapters!) These emails also tell you when the latest book is out and give you links to them. You can also resend these emails to your friends.
3. Make a list of people you know who would like the books – especially people who need to think about the topic of prepping – and think about how to get the books to them.
2. Use your list to send out an email or Facebook personal message with a link to the book’s web site ( Maybe you loan them out (warning! Your friends will hold onto the books) or give the books as gifts. Maybe you start them off with Book One and let them get the remaining ones on their own.
1. Tell people about the books. “Hey, you might be interested in this” – that kind of thing. Lots of people will nod and say, “Sure” but you need to follow up with them.

(This post is something you can send to your friends or print out and hand to them when SHTF.)

Dear Friend:

I love my friends, but I will shoot you if I have to.  I’m serious.  Here’s why.

I tried to persuade you to prepare for what’s coming and, in the process, revealed that to you that I’m preparing.  You realized that I have food, guns, etc., and ended up saying, half kidding but half serious, “I’ll come to your place when SHTF.”

No you won’t.  I will shoot you.  If you threaten me and my family, I will use force to defend against any threat.  And showing up at my place hungry and unprepared is a threat to me.  You will eat my food and use up my medical supplies, generator, firewood, etc.  That’s less of these life-saving things for me and my family.  That’s a threat.

Is this greed on my part?  No.  I will take care of the truly needy – those who cannot take care of themselves.  But you are different.  Very different.  You had plenty of chances to prepare for yourself.

But what did you do?  You spent the weekends watching football, went on expensive vacations, and never made your spouse mad at you with your “crazy” ideas that something bad was happening.  You didn’t do shit because… you would just come to my place.  Problem solved, right?  You didn’t need to spend time, money, and create domestic strife because I did that all for you.

Not.  Why should I spend my time, money, and stress just so you can waltz into my place and live happily ever after?  I’m a nice guy, but – really? – I’m going to spend my (very limited) free time, disposable income, and domestic tranquility just so you can have a leisurely life and more material comforts pre-Collapse while I don’t?

Why do you think I will sacrifice enormous amounts of my time and money so you can enjoy yourself while I’m slaving away?  Would you assume you could come over and leave your broken car at my house?  That I would just spend thousands of dollars on parts and several weekends fixing it and then hand it over to you with a smile – just because I’m a “good guy”?  Would anyone expect that?

You do, apparently.  You actually expect to waltz over to my cabin and receive – with a smile – thousands of dollars of food and other supplies that took me all my weekends to acquire and store.

So, my grasshopper friend (as in the story of the grasshopper and the ant), here is your official warning: if your “plan” for your and your family’s safety is to come to my place, you’re wrong.  When you show up, I’ll ask you to leave.  When you don’t, I’ll point a gun in your face.  If you refuse to leave, I will shoot you.  You are a threat to me.

You had years of time and very clear warnings to get ready.  But you didn’t.  Hey, I love football but haven’t been able to watch a game in a few years; I’ve been fixing up the cabin, buying supplies, and training with the Team.  I spent a lot of money doing all these things so I haven’t gone on a long vacation in… forever.  I have had several difficult times with my wife because of all the prepping I’m doing; I could have easily done what you did, which is just say “Yes, dear” and not prepare because she didn’t want you to.

I hope this message jolted you.  There’s still some time.  Go prep.  Please understand that your plan cannot be “I’ll come to your place.”  I don’t want to shoot you.



Juggernaut Media, which does some really cool gun and gear video production, is filming some interviews with me and putting them up on their Youtube channel.  They’ll be released a few at a time.   Each video is pretty short (about 15 minutes) so check them out.

PS: I look like Hank Jr. with my fake beard and sunglasses.  Maybe Kid Rock will drop by my house thinking I’m Hank Jr.  I wonder if Dr. Foxy and Kid Rock would get along.  Guess I’ll have to wait and see.


Get your head in the game: SHTF scenario videos

by Glen Tate on August 27, 2013

SouthernPrepper1 has an awesome Youtube channel.  He put out several short videos of SHTF scenarios.  I think they’re great for getting you mentally prepared – getting your head in the game – for what’s coming.

They’re short and interesting, and you’ll really benefit from watching them.


Scenario 1

Scenario 2

Scenario 3

Scenario 4

Scenario 5

Scenario 6

Scenario 7

Scenario 8

Scenario 9

Scenario 10

Scenario 11

Scenario 12

Scenario 13

Scenario 14

Scenario 15