The first “Sanctuary State” (Oregon): exactly as I predicted a year ago

by Shelby Gallagher

Editor’s note: Shelby Gallagher, who is working with Glen Tate on a new prepper novel series, is the first guest blogger on She has predicted many current events like Oregon becoming the first “sanctuary state.”  Oregon taking this dramatic step is a major element of her novel series. You should read what people with a track record of predicting things say! Friend her on Facebook to get more predictions that come true.

“Sanctuary State.” Huh?

Seems a strange term since we’ve all become accustomed to the term “Sanctuary City.” No one asks what it means anymore. It’s a city that doesn’t recognize immigration laws, and provides legal “sanctuary” for illegal aliens. Illegal aliens migrate to them to avoid legal prosecution for being in the United States illegally.

A few years ago, headlines highlighted cities such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, Portland and Seattle that were recognized at least in practice, not so much in law, as Sanctuary Cities.

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Announcement: My next writing project!






Everyone always asks, “When’s your next book coming out?”

Well, a book I’m involved with is coming out in a few months. Two books, actually: one fiction, one non-fiction.

I guess you’ll have to listen to this speech I gave to find out about it.

A big, formal announcement – with lots of fanfare – will be coming in a few months when the books are actually available.



Michael Strickland is going to prison – you could be next









A fellow Patriot needs your help. This is a rare instance in which you can actually do something directly to protect freedom. I usually don’t ask you guys to do stuff like this, but this is an exception. Please help here.

Michael Strickland is a conservative/libertarian alternative journalist who was surrounded by a mob of “protesters” (leftist thugs) and he drew his lawfully owned and carried pistol in self defense.

Michael is now facing 50 years in prison after an absolute kangaroo court of a “trial.” It would take too long to tell you all the absolutely unAmerican things that happened in that “trial”; please read this for a summary. Your jaw will drop. I’ve honestly never seen anything like this in an American court. And that’s saying something.

This could be you soon. Seriously. What happened to him will happen to Patriots in the lead-up to the Collapse. Looks like we’re already there…

If you donate $50 to his legal defense fund, I will sign one of the stickers that have been made for him and mail it to you – with my sincere thanks.

Here is the donation page. Under the “Donation Category” there is a pull down menu; choose “Michael Strickland Defense Fund.” Just send me an email at glentate123 AT saying you donated and giving me your mailing address, and I’ll autograph and mail out the signed sticker.

Please, let’s help Michael. You could be next. Seriously.