299 Days custom stippling! Freakin’ awesome!

I met a dude who is a wizard at stippling guns. He does this by hand – a true artist.

This is the 17th Irregulars of course.

But this is even cooler. He listened to the audio books and realized the connection between George Washington’s use of irregular forces and the modern-day equivalent, the 17th Irregulars. So he did a George Washington silhouette with a 1700’s handwritten “17”:

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Great gun courses! Full Spectrum Training and Consulting course in Okanogan, WA

A friend of mine, Kevin, is with Full Spectrum Training and Consulting and puts on great carbine and pistol courses (and other cool things). I’ve attended his carbine course, which was fantastic.

He has a great place to train in Okanogan, which is very remote and in north central Washington State.

Sign up for these classes. You’ll be glad you did. Solid training.

Here is the flyer for the September 9-10 carbine course and the one for the October 14-15 pistol course.

What Does a Collapse Look Like? Salem Oregon on August 21, 2017 – That’s What

By: Shelby Gallagher

Watching the headlines coming out of Venezuela, I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to experience a collapse close-up.

An opportunity to watch the human behaviors that come out of a collapse is fast approaching us here in the US – Oregon to be exact. Yes, just Oregon but we can learn a lot from it and apply those lessons to the big Collapse that’s coming to the whole country.

Let me lay out for you those who will participate, willingly or not, in the impending temporary collapse in Oregon next month. Then let me tell you what I see will happen during this time.

Unlike most collapses, we actually have known the date of the Oregon temporary collapse for several decades—ever since nerds with slide rules have been calculating the movements of the moon and sun. Long ago, these nerds marked down August 21, 2017 on their calendars. So this is no surprise.

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