The first “Sanctuary State” (Oregon): exactly as I predicted a year ago

by Shelby Gallagher

Editor’s note: Shelby Gallagher, who is working with Glen Tate on a new prepper novel series, is the first guest blogger on She has predicted many current events like Oregon becoming the first “sanctuary state.”  Oregon taking this dramatic step is a major element of her novel series. You should read what people with a track record of predicting things say! Friend her on Facebook to get more predictions that come true.

“Sanctuary State.” Huh?

Seems a strange term since we’ve all become accustomed to the term “Sanctuary City.” No one asks what it means anymore. It’s a city that doesn’t recognize immigration laws, and provides legal “sanctuary” for illegal aliens. Illegal aliens migrate to them to avoid legal prosecution for being in the United States illegally.

A few years ago, headlines highlighted cities such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, Portland and Seattle that were recognized at least in practice, not so much in law, as Sanctuary Cities.

Media outlets tepidly reported on the tragic stories of rape, murder and drunk driving committed by illegal aliens in Sanctuary Cities. Elected officials turned a blind eye in progressive states.

An amazing activist in Oregon took up the fight and put Measure 88 on the ballots. It prohibited illegal aliens from getting drivers licenses. In a crazy, progressive state such as Oregon…Measure 88 passed by 66%. All counties in Oregon, except for uber-progressive Multnomah County, voted “yes” for Measure 88. Sanctuary cities are not popular with normal people. Just big-city politicians pandering to ethnic communities.

The unpopularity of sanctuary cities is important because Oregon’s crazy governor, her progressive friends with big mouths and checkbooks, have done nothing but chip away at Measure 88 since it passed in 2014.

What does that look like? Counties, cities and school districts have loud mouth, out-of-town, paid protestors showing up at public meetings demanding each municipality become “inclusive” and take a stand against targeting illegal aliens, allowing federal agents to have a presence in their communities, and to basically thumb a nose at federal immigration laws. Oregon municipalities, even rural conservative ones, have been picked off like flies as activists put the political pressure on elected officials. One by one, many are becoming “inclusive” and becoming “Sanctuary Cities,”

Since watching President Trump get elected on one issue–immigration reform and “building a wall”–I’ve been watching this timeline closely. The average American is freakin’ scared watching terrorists kill people with brutality and impunity on the evening news. It’s the issue that crosses all political demographics and registrations….Americans are scared of ISIS and terrorism. Trump was the only one who said “build a wall and keep America safe.” It’s the issue he won on, it’s the issue we are all waiting for him to achieve…and the one issue his opponents are nervous he’ll achieve.

We voted for him…to the absolute horror of illegal aliens and their supporters. To their utter surprise…and they’re a little perturbed. In case you haven’t noticed.

I have watched in my home state of Oregon as the riots following Trump’s election were sanctioned by city officials and police. I have watched as Oregon’s governor, Kate Brown, has denigrated our elected President and hamstrung state police by prohibiting them to follow federal law in arresting illegal aliens.

Governor Kate Brown, in early 2017, assembled and funded some weird thing called “Trump Resistance.” Her stated purpose of this resistance was to repair the divisiveness that Trump has created. Not sure about you, but the only divisiveness I see is from the funded minions in her camp. She created this little group in February 2017, and the state of Washington and California jumped on board in short order with their own Trump resistance teams.

Why the recent history lesson? I started writing my prepper novels, consulting with Glen Tate, in the fall of 2016. I used the election riots as a springboard for my imagination of what could happen if an uber-progressive governor of an uber-progressive state got into a spitting match with a conservative president over an issue they are complete opposites on.

In the drafts of my initial drafts I used a term I made up…Sanctuary States. In consulting with Glen Tate about the story line, he loved it and said that he loved the concept but term looked strange.

Until today.

It actually happened today. Oregon enacted legislation to be the first “Sanctuary State.”

Today, the story that only myself and Glen have seen on paper…became true.

I want to take a moment to put a flag in the sand. Today is a red-letter day. Today fiction became fact.

Today an Oregon media outlet used a phrase that had only been used in an unpublished book….Sanctuary State. Today my heart jumped.

Glen Tate will tell you when he read my draft of the chapters introducing the concept of Sanctuary States, it felt funny to read. Editor’s note: This is true. The story that only myself and Glen have seen on paper…became true.

Today, “Sanctuary State” not only became part of the vernacular of our daily lives…much like “Sanctuary City” did; it became law.

The exact spitting match between the President and Oregon’s governor that I predict in my book(s) just became a reality.

We have seen President Trump pass over Oregon, even before today’s law was inked by Kate Brown, for crucial Federal transportation dollars for desperately needed roads. Get ready, citizens…that is just the beginning. Especially with this “Sanctuary State” law, President Trump will find other ways to pass Oregon over for much needed federal resources. Imagine what they could be: education dollars, public safety, social services, and so on. Imagine, just imagine.

The political and economic pain President Trump plans to inflict on Governor Brown has only begun, and it’s not to be mean…it’s to force Governor Brown to do what she should do: obey the law. It’s an odd concept to many progressives. Wish they’d learn the one about rioting and arson.

Oregon is at a fiscal crossroads much like Illinois now. Both nearly bankrupt liberal train wrecks of states are suffering from unfunded liabilities, primarily out-of-control government employee pensions. Oregon is broke, but can’t look to a federal bailout from a president who won’t fund lawlessness…

What could go wrong?

Someone oughta write a book.

I agree. I am. Stay tuned….Follow me on Facebook.

You’ll appreciate the title of the book. “A Great State.” The title became even more real today…thanks to Governor Kate Brown.