Like most of you, I’ve always just tolerated Left-wing nonsense. Don’t be a jerk, I say to myself. Be civil. Just ignore them. Be a gentlemen.

No more. The Leftists are getting more and more in our face. We, the decent people, never push back. We are so decent – too decent. The Leftists are walking all over us. They’re the bullies who feel emboldened when no one stands up to them.

That needs to stop.

Now I’m not saying you should punch them in the face or anything. So I came up with this: #NoBreaksForCommunists. By that, I mean don’t let that Prius with a Bernie Sanders sticker into the lane in front of you. If you start to hold the door open for someone, but you see they have a Che Guevara t-shirt, then shut it. Not in their face or to hurt them. Just make it obvious that you’re not extending courtesies to people who hate us and want to take our stuff, including our guns.

Why in the world would we go out of our way to be nice to these people? They wouldn’t – and haven’t – shown us any courtesy. Quite the opposite.

So think of a way you can personally not give a break to communists. Here’s a few seconds of video showing what I did today to not be nice to communists. Enjoy.


Guest post by Shelby Gallagher.

2017. Whew. Thanksgiving is a season that paves the way for what little is left of the year. As I reflect on what I am thankful for, it prepares me to say goodbye to this year.

One word captures what I’m thankful for.


All my life, I have known what sacrifice is. We hear of it in the headlines from the front lines. Our servicemen and women sacrificing their lives for their comrade. It’s heroic and inspiring. We hear of the stranger who jumps in front of a gunman and takes a bullet during a robbery. I admit in this strange and backwards litigious culture we live in, I wouldn’t be so quick to do the same for a stranger. Continue reading “Thanksgiving”

299 Days custom stippling! Freakin’ awesome!

I met a dude who is a wizard at stippling guns. He does this by hand – a true artist.

This is the 17th Irregulars of course.

But this is even cooler. He listened to the audio books and realized the connection between George Washington’s use of irregular forces and the modern-day equivalent, the 17th Irregulars. So he did a George Washington silhouette with a 1700’s handwritten “17”:

Continue reading “299 Days custom stippling! Freakin’ awesome!”

Great gun courses! Full Spectrum Training and Consulting course in Okanogan, WA

A friend of mine, Kevin, is with Full Spectrum Training and Consulting and puts on great carbine and pistol courses (and other cool things). I’ve attended his carbine course, which was fantastic.

He has a great place to train in Okanogan, which is very remote and in north central Washington State.

Sign up for these classes. You’ll be glad you did. Solid training.

Here is the flyer for the September 9-10 carbine course and the one for the October 14-15 pistol course.