299 Days custom stippling! Freakin’ awesome!

I met a dude who is a wizard at stippling guns. He does this by hand – a true artist.

This is the 17th Irregulars of course.

But this is even cooler. He listened to the audio books and realized the connection between George Washington’s use of irregular forces and the modern-day equivalent, the 17th Irregulars. So he did a George Washington silhouette with a 1700’s handwritten “17”:

He also shaved off some stuff on the grip and made indentations on the trigger guard. This gun is way, way more comfortable to hold and shoots far better. Stippling is the way to go – such an improvement in being able to grip it, which improves accuracy.

Look what he did to my Glock 17:

You can get your gun tattooed, too. Contact him. His name is Lee, but you can call him the “Manitoba Hobo Humper” (an inside joke). His email is recce63b@gmail and his Instagram user name is 63_bravo. Here is a pic of Lee: