Help us pick the narrator for the audio book!


You guys are more than just “readers” – you’re community.  I value your opinion.  I received 212 (!) auditions from narrators.  I narrowed them down to the 12 below.  I won’t guarantee that your pick will be the guy, but I’m very interested in what you guys think.

Each narrator is listed below in alphabetical order.  A link to his audition is provided (in one case, to his three readings).  They are all reading the same passage (the extra-readings guy has two extra) so you can get a standardized reading.  This allows an apples-to-apples comparison.  The standardized reading includes various characters’ voices, including a female one.

There’s a handy poll feature below so you can simply rank them that way.  You can go on Facebook or email me with your picks, but it’s way, way harder for me to keep track of your picks that way.  The poll feature is the way to go.

Thanks again for being a community.

OK, here are the narrators (in alphabetical order):


More evidence that SOE Tactical kicks tremendous quantities of ass


John Willis at SOE Tactical is fabulous.  He made me a tactical stocking last Christmas and it’s been hanging on the wood stove in the real cabin ever since.  The real Team loves it.  Well, I got some 17th Irregular patches and – bam! – look at how cool that SOE stocking is.  If you’re looking for tactical gear, or just cool gift ideas like the stockings or beer coozies, then check out SOE Tactical.  I love them.  In a totally hetero way, of course.