CPT Caveman review: “I HIGHLY recommend this book”

For those of you who might not know him, “CPT Caveman” is an Army officer who does some very interesting work.  He is an expert on insurgencies and other cool things.  Part of his job is to study things like collapses, civil unrest, and all the other things that happen in 299 Days.

Well, CPT Caveman heard an interview I did and is really, really intrigued by the partial collapse described in 299 Days.  He can’t wait to read the books.  Coming from a guy like him, in his line of work, this is a high compliment (if you don’t mind me saying so).

Here is what he had to say about 299 Days.  I am especially happy about this part of what he says: “If you are a Prepper or have any interest in seeing your children lead a prosperous and healthy life 20 years from now, I HIGHLY recommend this book.”

Thanks, CPT.  Seriously, given what he does for a living (not sure if I can say what that is) this means a lot.