Reader Questions Answered on Survival Podcast Forum

I was getting a bunch of emails and PMs–keep them coming–from readers asking questions about an aspect of the book.  “Is Nancy really that mean?” “Would Lisa really act like she does?” and “.40 instead of 9mm?” they would ask.

Smurf Hunter, a thoughtful member of the Survival Podcast, forum started a thread with these questions and my answers.  Lots of people are joining in and asking some really great questions and making keen observations.

There is a separate thread for questions about Book One and Book Two.  There will be future threads on Book Three through Book Ten.  Here is where future threads will be.

If you are a 299 Days fan, you will love these threads.  I answer the questions and give lots of insight into the book.  More importantly, readers give us their observations about the book.  That’s the best part.

So please stop by and get involved in the conversation.  We don’t bite.