Name a character or a geographic location in the book

This is fun.  If you want to name a minor character or a geographic location in Book Five or Book Six, go to the 299 Days (the book) Facebook page and write a status update with your suggestion.

I will pick the best ones.  I don’t mean the best names; I mean the best proposals.  By “proposals,” I mean things like:

  • Committing to donate to a charity
  • Military personnel serving overseas, or someone who has been injured in the line of duty, who deserves something nice like seeing their name in a book
  • Someone who is standing up for liberty and paying a price (like fighting city hall)
  • Someone who has a spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend, child, friend, or parent going through a tough time and they need some cheering up
  • Coming up with a plan to get the word out to lots of people about the books

Something like that.

Start lighting up the Facebook page with proposals.