299er Sheepdog of the week (Dec. 23, 2013)

I’m starting a new thing here, 299er Sheepdog of the Week.  A “sheepdog” takes risks to protect the sheep from the wolves.  In today’s world, that would be military, law enforcement, military contractors, and lots and lots of civilians who protect civilians from bad guys.  If you carry a concealed firearm, you’re a sheepdog.

299er Sheepdog of the Week will be where a 299 Days reader, who is a sheepdog, does something cool and tells me about it.

The first 299er Sheepdog of the Week comes from the special operations unit the 106th Rescue Wing.  They do cool PJ (“parajumper”) stuff like blaze into enemy territory to rescue downed pilots and other people.  They do tons of rescues in peacetime.  (Grant in the book wanted to be a PJ; it’s in Chapter 2.)  Every single member of the 106th does cool stuff, even if they’re not actually PJs.

The guys who sent this shirt to me are solid Patriots and Oath Keepers.  (I’m keeping their identity on the down-low.)  What an amazing honor to have guys like them reading the book and even sending me a t-shirt.  I will wear it with pride, gentlemen.

Everyone else: Send in some pictures and other stuff to me.  I love it.  I’ll send cool stuff to you, too.  Email me at glentate123 AT gmail.com and I’ll post the stuff you send.  Thanks, guys.