Don’t let the gun grabbers ruin your holidays

Hey, guys, it’s easy to get down about all that’s going on.  I admit that I have had a bad week because of all this.

Then my wife made gingerbread men.  One had a “G” on it.  She worked really hard to make a cookie – just to make me smile.  That’s what I need to be thinking about now.  My kids need their dad to be fully tuned into their Christmas.  Opening presents, hanging out, visiting family.

They don’t need me depressed or talking about gun control.  They need a dad who is above it all and focused on them.

This, by the way, is a good dress rehearsal for the Collapse.  That’s right.  During the Collapse, the bad guys will look like they’re winning one day, and then we’re winning the next.  Then they’re up, then we are.  During all of these ups and downs, people will be looking to you to be rock solid, unemotional, inspirational, and a leader.  Start practicing now, brothers.  Start now.

Here’s the bottom line: you can’t control the gun grabbers.  Call your legislators and do all of that.  But don’t get depressed.  Live.  I’ll say that again: Live.  Fully.