A Patriot police officer responds to the E&WROL post

“Jim,” who I know to be a Patriot and extremely knowledgable LEO and soldier, wrote me the following thoughtful response to my piece on E&WROL.  He makes a good point about the South; I am up here in lib-ville (Seattle area) and things seem different to me.  I noted in my piece that the “vast majority” of police do not want to abuse people.  Jim and I agree on that.  Here’s what he said:


I agree with most of that blog/posting. Well-written and straight to the point. I believe that things will get excessive on the side of law enforcement and the bad guys will get more daring. A FOB [forward operating base] mentality will cause entire zones of an urban environment in America to become as dangerous as Sadr City in 05′ or East Kabul today.

I do believe there is a bit too much assumption of what the police will do though. If anything, the recent gun control polarization is causing counties and even some states to issue proclamations about not enforcing perceived Federal 2nd Amendment laws and promising punishment for the same. (TN made this state law in 09′) This is testing the State v. Federal relationship like Civil Rights did when I was in diapers. It will either be partially settled in the Supreme Court or completely settled on the streets. So, I refuse to assume that ” You won’t want to have a ‘Don’t Tread on Me’ sticker on your vehicle during a traffic stop.” So many cops (a majority in the Deep South) think exactly like I do. Cops don’t really feel loyalty to a city like that, maybe a neighborhood in a big city, or an entire small town, but definitely most cops feel little love for their mayors and city councils and view them as politicians. They will take care of their families and an outbreak of “blue flu” will keep many officers from reporting to duty. The Police Chiefs that Pelosi gets to speak against guns are appointed by their liberal mayors and have a job as a puppet at best. I will venture to say that the average street cop does NOT want any new gun laws and just wishes current laws were enforced properly through the court system. Glen, I assure you that I NEVER disarmed a person that was legally carrying a weapon.

The statement “(You know what happens when someone kills a cop; the killer is rarely taken alive.)” isn’t fair when it is well-known that by the time a killer reaches the point where he’s killing a cop, he is already suicidal and won’t be taken alive. FBI stats are available on cop killers.

All I’m saying is that you give sound advice; lay low, don’t advertise (Doomsday Preppers makes me cringe with their stupidity), don’t target anyone unless immediate safety is endangered. But you do risk alienating a potential large group of trained allies who think like you and not like Feinstein. Be wary of everybody, but that deputy down the street could be your best friend when SHTF. Please remember that, post-Katrina, the majority of NOPD officers ignored the illegal “shoot the looters” orders given by high-ranking supervisors, both by verbally saying “no” and by not doing so. Many refused to return to work after those orders were issued. 11 civilians were killed by officers during the crisis, 20 former and current officers are pending charges for the same. It was not Warsaw in 39′ or Hue City in 68′.

Having said that, I believe that Federal Law Enforcement Agencies feel no community loyalty and, if sent to do questionable seizures and other martial law type activities, may very well act against the Constitution…they already have. They do not have “armies” though, they rely on local LEO for task force manning, and you already know my thoughts on what local LEO may do when pushed to do what is clearly wrong, against their own neighborhoods no less.

Thanks for letting me read that. I mean to hurt no feelings and it’s okay to disagree with me, you may get a different “vibe” than I do. One thing I do believe; we are going to find out fairly soon.