Weekend with the real “Steve Briggs”

People ask me, “Is Steve Briggs real or made up?”  He’s real.  Super real.  He really risked his life to save mine on a dark and moldy pier (that’s a bonus chapter that will be coming at the end of the year.)

I went over to his neck of the woods for the New Years weekend and we had one of our “legendary Saturday nights” as Hank Jr. calls them.

Here’s the real “Steve Briggs” (on the left) and me (on the right):

We started off with dinner at a friend’s.  Everyone wears hillbilly slippers out there:

After a fine dinner of elk steaks, stuffed mushrooms, something tasty with cheese, and a thousand beers, we went camping the next day.  Here’s where we went:

Camping over New Years in the mountains?  What kind of crazy bastards do that?  Well, we weren’t roughing it too much.  We watched the Seahawks win:

We had all we needed in the camper:

Here’s what the morning of New Years Day looked like for us:

Steve and I went to a logger tavern, hauled some batteries, split firewood, fed chickens and cows, and did all the hillbilly shit I love.

What a guy and what a time we had.

This shit is real.