BugOutTruck.com kicks ass

I’ve meet some really cool guys who customize bug out vehicles.  How cool is that?  They’re at www.bugouttruck.com.  Comms, GPS, lifts, tires, auxiliary fuel tanks, tactical shit – the whole nine yards.  Check them out.  They’re in western Washington State but work on rigs from all over the place.  Some of the things in their shop are amazing.

They did a little work on one of the Team trucks.  They installed a sweet rolling metal Tonneau cover.  Very nice work.  This is the first of many things BugOutTruck.com will be doing for the Team’s trucks.

The Pace Edwards Tonneau cover turned out super well.  Before:



(And, no, that white house isn’t “Nancy Ringman’s.”)

You should look at their web site just to get ideas about stuff you can do to your rig.

The other cool thing about the BugOutTruck.com guys is that they’re preppers.  They aren’t just doing this to make money; they enjoy helping people make it through what’s coming.

You’ll be hearing me talk a lot about BugOutTruck.com in the future.

Oh, if you’re a podcaster, let me know and I’ll get you in touch with these guys.  They do fascinating stuff.