What gun supplier boycotts of law enforcement in gun-ban states tells us about the Collapse

We’ve all read about several gun manufactures like Olympic Arms and gun suppliers like Midway USA pledging to not sell guns, ammo, or magazines to law enforcement in gun-ban states.  Specifically, these companies will not sell items to governmental entities in states where civilians could not own the items the government wants to buy.  There are more companies than just Olympic and Midway with this policy.

What does this tell us about the Collapse?  That government will have a hard time pulling off full-on tyranny.  Yes, there will be some oppression – it always happens in a crisis.  But the idea that government is some big, giant, monolithic, impenetrable force that has all the supplies it needs is, I think, false.  Sure, government can still get ARs and mags from other manufacturers (and they already have tons stashed).  However, remember that government needs parts, fuel, and – most importantly – people willing to carry out bad things.  Government is not a monolith.

Government depends on just-in-time inventory like everyone else.

Remember, too, that since Obama took office, 65 million guns have been put out on the streets.  That’s one for every five people.  And it only took four years to get them into gun safes, nightstands, under pickup seats, and buried.