Jack Spriko interviews me on the Survival Podcast (Episode 1103)


Jack and I talk like we’ve known each other for a while… because we have.  This interview is a great overview of current events and what they mean for you.

My favorite part of this interview is my announcement that I’ll be adding a new book’s worth of content – 43 more chapters, each one chronicling one of the 43 Colonels – in the ten-book series.  We will move some of the existing chapters to fill up the first nine books, and I’ll write the tenth book, which will be the 43 Colonels.  We want to give people more to read for their money.

And, bonus of bonuses, David Crawford, the author of the great prepper novel “Lights Out,” is on the show too.  It’s awesome to be on the same show with a guy like him.

PS: I made a mistake (two, really) when I talked about Chicago having a $100 “million” current pension unfunded liability.  It’s $100 “billion” and it’s Illinois instead of just Chicago.  My bad.  But the point is still the same: there is no way taxpayers can pay these unfunded liabilities, and the people expecting this money, like Illinois state worker retirees, will go ape shit when they don’t get their money.