Review of Concealment Solutions holster/mag holder and SKT sling

I needed a truck gun.  Something I could store in the cab of my truck and then quickly strap on and go on foot.  Like if the roads were jammed and I needed to get home.

Here’s my system, which includes a holster and mag holder from Concealment Solutions and a sling from SKT Industries:

That’s an AR pistol on a sling and a CZ-75 on a belt.  I can put a jacket over this and walk around completely concealed and totally undetected.  And it’s perfectly legal because both weapons are pistols and I have a concealed pistol license.  (Not that I stroll around with these two guns; this is for when SHTF and I’m stuck in traffic and need to hoof it.)

The holster is a custom Kydex one from Concealment Solutions.  It’s fabulous.  Fits perfectly.  The finish and workmanship is superb.  It was very fairly priced for a custom Kydex holster; not much more than a holster off the shelf.

The mag holders are also from Concealment Solutions.  Same as the holster: perfect fit and superb workmanship.

(Do those mag holders make my butt look big?  Ha!)

Concealment Solutions just started making mag holders.  In fact, mine were the first ones they did.

In addition to the AR mag holders, I have standard pistol mag holders that I bought off the shelf somewhere.  This way I throw on the belt and have two extra mags for the AR and two for the CZ.

I didn’t get a good close-up of the SKT sling.  It’s a two-point that allows you to go from slung close to your chest to fully deployed at the pull of a strap.  Very nice.  Here’s what it is from the SKT web site.

I like ordering from Concealment Solutions and SKT because they’re both run by solid Patriots who make things in the US.  Give ’em a try.