“Blessed” – the end of the series and its meaning

Here’s a sneak peak – a very long-range sneak peak – at how the book series ends.  Well, what the series means at the end (not the details of what happens).

At the end of the book, you see how each and every one of the characters – the strong, the weak, the cool people, and especially the “losers” – were a blessing to the people at Pierce Point.  Each and every one of them.  The point is that everyone has an important role because God never made an insignificant person.

The ending is summarized in this song, which is “Blessed” by Lucinda Williams.  I heard this song and crafted the story line around it.  It’s a powerful, powerful song.  All the people mentioned in the song are characters – some are obvious, some are not.

This is what 299 Days is all about.  It’s not just about guns and prepping, although that’s important.  It’s about each and every person having a role in something huge.  It’s about you.