I’m Glen Tate and I buy tampons.

If you’re a prepper with ladies in your household and have lots of guns, ammo, and food, you’re forgetting something.  Some of you guys are lucky and your wife is on board so she might go get these things.  But if you can’t say, “Honey, be sure and stock up on feminine products for when SHTF,” then do it yourself.  Find out exactly what products she uses and go to the store yourself and get them.
Reluctant to buy tampons?  Let me get this straight: You’ll bravely jump into a fire fight with a drug gang after the Collapse, but you won’t get the ladies in your life what they need before the Collapse to be comfortable?  Man up, gentlemen.  Show the ladies in your home that you really care about their every need.
By the way, the items pictured are only a portion of what I have on hand.