I’m happy to sign your copy of 299 Days!

I love signing books – it still amazes me that the books have taken off like they have.

I don’t charge for signing the book (that would be obnoxious) but I do ask to recoup the postage costs I have for mailing the signed copies back to you.

So if you’d like me to sign your book(s), please mail them to:

PO Box 4278
Olympia, WA

(You must address it to “Eakin” (not my name).  Trust me; it’s how PO boxes work.)

Put in a note with your return address and the name(s) you’d like me to sign the books for.

Please put in $5 for return postage.  That covers postage costs for about two books.  If you send me a bunch of books, please adjust accordingly.

I never thought anyone would want my autograph…