Top 10 Things You Can Do to Spread the Word about 299 Days

People always ask me what they can do spread the word about the books. With Book Seven coming out in mid December, you can do some little things to really help. So, much like a David Letterman Top 10 list, here are some things you can do:
10. Do an Amazon review of Book Seven – heck, do one for each of the first six books. You have no idea how spectacularly helpful Amazon reviews are. The Amazon computers pay huge attention to them to decide if a book is legit and whether Amazon should suggest it to readers who have purchased similar ones.
9. Post something about the books on the forums you’re on. If there is already a 299 Days thread, comment on it. If there isn’t a thread on Book Seven, you can start one.  You can start one now, before the book is out, and speculate about what happens in Book Seven.
8. Get some bookmarks from me and hand them out if you have a booth at a gun show or something similar.
7. Similarly, you could ask your local gun store if they would put out the bookmarks at the front counter (I will send you the bookmarks to give them).
6. Facebook is an amazing tool. You can invite your friends to “like” the 299 Days (the book) page.
5. You can “share” 299 Days (the book) Facebook posts with your Facebook friends.
4. Sign up for the emails with links to the free bonus chapters on the home page of (There is some good stuff in those bonus chapters!) These emails also tell you when the latest book is out and give you links to them. You can also resend these emails to your friends.
3. Make a list of people you know who would like the books – especially people who need to think about the topic of prepping – and think about how to get the books to them.
2. Use your list to send out an email or Facebook personal message with a link to the book’s web site ( Maybe you loan them out (warning! Your friends will hold onto the books) or give the books as gifts. Maybe you start them off with Book One and let them get the remaining ones on their own.
1. Tell people about the books. “Hey, you might be interested in this” – that kind of thing. Lots of people will nod and say, “Sure” but you need to follow up with them.