Ahead of my time – and so are you

I am ahead of my time.  If you’re reading this, you are too.

We can see what’s coming; others can’t or won’t.  We are ahead of our time.

And it sucks.  You’d think it’d be cool to see a glimpse into the future and be able to prepare somewhat for it.  It’s good that we are preparing, but it’s frustrating when we look around and no one else sees this.  Worse yet, they make fun of us for being “doomsdayers.”

But I thought about it and I say “screw you” to the rest of the world who doesn’t see this.

I am ahead of my time – and I’m damned proud of it.  It’s a gift we’ve been given and it’s a good thing.  Enjoy it.  Celebrate it.

And to do that, here’s a great song about being ahead of your time.  Savor it.  Listen to it twice.  And when you’re listening to it, think about how much better you off you are – despite the frustration – for being ahead of your time.

Ahead of My Time by the Teddybears