Contest! Win an official Team beer coozie from SOE Tactical

Coolest contest ever!  Here are the real beer coozies we use on the Team. They’re made by SOE Tactical, which makes some of the finest tactical gear on the planet.

The Team’s SOE coozies are like a membership card; when you’re asked onto the Team, you get a coozie.  If you show up at a Team function without your coozie (Bobby!) you have to buy the Team a case of beer.
Well, the amazing people at SOE Tactical, who have been supporting 299 Days since day one, are giving away 10 of their fabulous coozies – and they come with your name and “THE TEAM” on them just like the coozies we use.
Here’s how the contest works:
(1) Do a review on Amazon of each of the seven books.  A short review like “Awesome” works just fine.
(2) Do a “share” of on your Facebook page.
(3) Send an email to me at and let me know your Amazon user name so we can check and make sure you did the reviews. If you’ve done extra stuff to help the book, like told your friends to read it, let me know that too.
(4) We’ll randomly draw 10 names.  If you win, we’ll contact you and get the name you’d like on your coozie’s name tape.
(5) We will mail you kick-ass Team coozie with your name and the Team on the name tapes.
(6) You will enjoy a totally cool Team coozie.
Boom!  It’s that easy.