Similarities between Communist Poland and Collapsing America – from a Man Who’s Lived in Both


I’ve always been a huge fan of Solidarity, the freedom movement in Poland in the 1980s that led to the overthrow of an oppressive Communist regime. (This photo is of me.) How the Polish freedom fighters did it is, in my view, a dress rehearsal for how we can fix things in America.

So I am thrilled to share with you a fabulous interview of Leszek, a man who escaped from Communist Poland, conducted by John Jacob Schmidt on Radio Free Redoubt.  (Leszek’s interview starts at 33:17). Leszek and John Jacob are both friends of mine.

Leszek describes the everyday-life conditions of Communism. While the US isn’t quite there yet, you will be stunned by the similarities. He describes what martial law is like from firsthand experience. You should listen to this interview.

Many of the themes in 299 Days about life in the Loyalist-held areas like Olympia comes from descriptions of what life is like under a Communist regime, especially the part about how the privileged few get more from the government than the masses. You will see similarities between what life was like in Poland in the past and how I describe life in America in the future.