Help us pick the audio book narrator


We have received several inquiries from audio book narrators.  We want to hear what you think about which one to pick.  We’ll end up picking up the one that works the best overall (voice, can meet deadlines, etc.) but we really want to hear what you think about each of them.

Below is a link to the work of each narrator who has contacted us.  I put them in order of them contacting us.

Go onto the Facebook post (click here for it) we have for narrator suggestions and let us know in the comments who you like and why.

Be sure and come back to this page periodically and listen to any new narrators who popped up here since the last time you visited the page.  We put the date they first appeared on here to help you know which ones you’ve already listened to.

Thanks, you guys.  We appreciate the help.  (Oh, and if you haven’t done an Amazon review yet of all seven books, please do.  Thanks.)

Here are the narrators: