NuManna freeze dried foods – outstanding!


The NuManna Food Storage people are big fans of the books and sent the Team a family pack of freeze-dried food to try.

We loved it!  NuManna will be our long-term food out at the real cabin.  NuManna is legit.

There are a couple of things I really like about NuManna.  First, the food tastes spectacular.  Scotty was skeptical that freeze-dried food could taste like home-cooked; he was pleasantly surprised.


We loved the Mac n Cheese.  It tasted home cooked.  Oh, and when they say “six servings,” it’s actually six servings.

Second, NuManna is made with good ingredients.  No GMOs, MSG, corn syrup, or Aspartame.  You can tell that someone cooked up a good meal and then preserved it.

Third, the packages come in a really cool bucket.  It has a latch so you can easily get the packets out.  The buckets stack, which is key for filling up your bug out location with food that lasts at least 25 years.


Fourth, there is a great variety.  Here’s what’s in the Family Pack:

  • Pasta Primavera
  • Cheesy Potato Soup
  • Rice Pilaf
  • Sweet Habanero Chili
  • Cheddar Broccoli Soup
  • Pasta Alfredo
  • Chili Mac
  • Mac -n- Cheese
  • Hearty Chicken Soup
  • Enchilada Beans and Rice
  • Italian Pasta with Marinara
  • Mulitgrain Cereal
  • Oatmeal w/ Brown Sugar
  • Pancake Mix – you know how I love pancake mix!

Six, NuManna is a family business operated by Patriots.  These guys are one of us.

Here’s a final reason to love NuManna: they’ll send you a free sample so you can try it and decide if NuManna should be your longterm food.  Just click here and they’ll send you a free sample.


Give NuManna a try.