On being right… How empty shelves of spam cans validated what I’m doing


Do you ever wonder if you’re insane to be prepping?  I sure do.  I mean, I know the Collapse is coming but sometimes I think about the money and time I spend getting ready and I wonder.  Am I over reacting?  Am I over analytical.  Am I crazy?


Today I felt validated.  I got to see that the time and money I spend is worth it.  I got a preview of what’s coming: being prepared when others aren’t.

It was just a little thing, but the principle is the same.  As soon as the Ukrainian president fled the country, I knew the Russians would invade.  I knew it wouldn’t be on a large scale, just something mild (but effective) like having Spetsnaz take over a Ukrainian provincial parliament building and then maybe some cyber attacks on the Ukrainian computer system.  Seriously, that’s what I thought would happen.

And it did. I knew that as soon as the Russians started doing this that one of the sanctions the US could impose would be banning imports of Russian ammunition.  This happened in 2008 when Russia invaded Georgia (the country not the state! – I don’t want to be accused of false rumors!).  5.45×39 ammunition, which is manufactured in Russia and comes in green “spam cans,” dried up in days.  I actually don’t know if Russian ammo imports were suspended in 2008, but I knew that the possibility of it would empty the shelves of 5.45.  And it happened back then.

So I knew 5.45 would dry up now given the Ukrainian situation.  I got a bunch of 5.45 last week.  Today I found out that the shelves are empty of spam cans of 5.45.  And this is at Surplus Ammo and Arms, the largest ammo retailer on the West Coast.

I felt validated.  I saw a threat, it played out exactly like my over reacting, over analytical, and crazy self thought it would.  I took action, and now I have stuff I need and others don’t.

This isn’t a “neener neener” story, this is saying that it feels great to be that “crazy” prepper, take action, and have stuff you need when others don’t.

I suspect I’ll be having this same feeling about all that food, those water barrels, all the radios, that generator, and all those medical supplies…