Bundy as a “racist”? – don’t play their game


(Look at this picture: Cliven Bundy is on stage with a black man! Gasp! The New York Times said Bundy was a hateful racist. How is it possible that Bundy would hang out with a black guy? Maybe Bundy’s not a real racist, but just a “racist” under the New York Times definition.)

This week, the New York Times reported that Cliven Bundy said some racist things. Bundy essentially said that blacks might have been happier as slaves than welfare reciepents. Bundy’s wife summed up what he really meant: “What he was saying is that there are lots of different forms of slavery.
Welfare is one kind. It’s just another way to suppress people.” I 100% agree with that.

Let’s get this out of the way quickly so it doesn’t detract from my main point: I don’t think blacks were better off as slaves or somehow want to be slaves or should be slaves or whatever the hell else people are claiming Bundy means.  People are people, no matter their color – I’m tired of having to even say this. By the way, if anyone wants to check my non-racist credentials, read my books.  Read about Pow, Bobby, Gideon, Ashur, Berkowitz, Ramirez, Vasquez, Anderson, and some more characters coming up in Book Nine.  And if you want to tell the real Pow that white people are superior, be my guest. In fact, I dare you. Oh, and I’m (proudly) an enrolled citizen of an American Indian tribe.  So don’t start with me on the race thing.  OK, back to the main point of this blog post.

Here’s what I’m saying: don’t fall into the trap of thinking you have to agree 100% with everything a Patriot says or else you need to run away from him or her and disavow them. I’m seeing some “Patriots” run fast from Bundy and it’s bullshit.  No one will every agree 100% with you. Ever. Don’t set that as the standard. You can never meet it. If 100% agreement is the standard, we’ll never agree with each other. And that’s what the Limas want. The perfect form of divide and conquer.

What if the New York Times spent its vast resources investigating the BLM agents?  What if one of them beat his kids (just an example – I’m not saying any of them have done this). Would BLM and Harry Reid issue a statement that they will never associate with that agent?  See: disavowing people on your side only works one way – against Patriots and for Limas.

Don’t play their game on their turf and expect to win. I stand by Cliven Bundy. You should too.