Bundy Ranch was a win – no matter what ultimately happens

We’ve all seen the video of the people telling the feds to go away and the feds – with snipers and SWAT teams – retreating.  If you haven’t seen it, please watch it.  You can’t appreciate what I’m about to say without watching this short video.

This was a win.  The feds retreated.  But some of you think this is a hollow victory, a temporary win with the feds coming in in the end and snuffing out the Bundys.

You are simultaneously right and wrong.

You’re right that the feds will impose their will on the Bundys.  They’ll wait for the crowds to go down and they’ll arrest them for tax evasion or something.  I get it.  I don’t think the feds are nice people.

But you’re wrong if you think this wasn’t a win.  That is, if you define a “win” as “the Bundys live happily ever after.”  A win, in my mind, is the Patriots realizing that we CAN make the feds retreat.  It’s called energizing your base. Doing this is critical anytime you’re trying to persuade large numbers of people – gasp! “politics”: how evil, we can’t possible want to persuade people because that’s “unprincipled.”  Listen to me: we need to persuade people to join us and to not help the Loyalists.  We need the general population, or at least a good chunk of them, wanting us to win.  You and I are mad at average Americans for being sheeple.  But get over it.  Quit hating the people you need if you want to change things.

You do want to change things, don’t you?  I mean, you’re not in this Patriot thing just to be stand-off-ish and joyfully be in the minority because you’re better than everyone else, are you?  ‘Cause, with a few of you, it kinda seems that way.  Some of you are sitting around ready for a drone to shoot a missile at you instead of actually trying to change things.

Bundy Ranch was the Boston Tea Party of our time.  What did the Boston Tea Party accomplish?  It showed the Patriots that the British weren’t invincible – and it showed the general population that the British were unable to stop the Patriots.  It energized the Patriots and weakened the British in the eyes of the general population.  Now, did the Loyalists ultimately tax the tea (the replacement tea)?  Yes.  Did the British prosecute and harass some of the Patriots as a result of the Boston Tea Party?  Yes.  Was it a “everyone lives happily ever after” outcome?  Nope.

But it showed the masses that the mighty government wasn’t so mighty.  That’s the point.

That’s why Bundy Ranch – no matter what ultimately happens – was a win.

Enjoy it instead of ducking from all the drones.