Tactical shooting classes by the Team at the real “Joe Tantori” facility


We get tons  request for the Team to teach tactical classes and for people to see the real “Joe Tantori” facility.  Now we’re doing both.

We will do a limited number of two-day courses over a weekend with a Saturday night in the bunkhouse with the Team.


We limit the number of students to 10.  Our classes cover pistol, carbine, and shotgun – and a short legal class on the laws of concealed carry.  We answer gear questions and let students try different weapons and other equipment.  All food is provided.

The dates for the classes are (more to follow):

  • June 14-15, 2014 (pistol)

The cost is $700 for the two-day course.  Students must bring a weapon appropriate for the course (that is, a pistol for the pistol course, carbine for the carbine course, etc.) and 500 rounds of ammunition per weapon per day.  (More details follow at the end of this page).

To contact us and sign up, send an email to defensivefirearms@yahoo.com and cc glentate123@gmail.com.

Here are some pics of trainings in the past:




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Here is the flyer for the course on June 14-15:

2 Day Pistol Course

***ONLY 10 SPOTS***
First come First Serve


JUNE 14-15  (Saturday Sunday)


Defensive Handgun

There is a great difference between a gun owner and a trained defensive weapons operator!  A gun owner understands a weapon for what it is.  An operator understands the capability of the weapon and, more importantly, the limitations of the operator manipulating that weapon. This course is designed to teach shooters proper safety, an overview of self-defense law, and an introduction to defensive-style shooting.  We start by establishing confidence and instructing the core fundamentals, which leads to successfully manipulating a handgun and overcoming critical stress.

Day 2

Strategic Handgun

The environment and situation is what changes the operator’s strategies.  From mild distractions to full-on disruption and chaos, all elements of the conflicts must be accounted for. This course is tailored to place the skilled operator in real life scenarios.  You will learn to be quick and maintain accuracy by streamlining your movements.  You will remove excessive movements, exemplify weapon discipline, and reduce liabilities.  Every millisecond counts; failure is not an option.  You will live this and thoroughly understand it after Day 2.

COST: $700
(This includes shared lodging on sight.  Heated bunk house with a full size beds.)


• Handgun (semi auto or revolvers) (NO rim fire)
• Holster
• Minimum of 4 magazines
• Minimum of 6 speed loaders for revolvers
• Magazine holster
• Eye protection
• Ear protection
• Minimum of 500 rounds
• Additional sets of clothing (2)
• Personal hygiene
• Towel
• Sleeping bag

Ft. Discovery has pro-shop on site (ammo, etc.).  Price list provided upon request.