MAG 40 class in Arkansas!

MAG 40 is the Massad Ayoob Group’s 40-hour pistol and legal course. I highly, highly recommend it. Great pistol training and a 20-hour course of self-defense law that’s the best in the nation. Oh, and it’s not all “law school” legal instruction – it’s actually interesting and easy to follow.

The class was full of really cool and interesting people. Here are some photos.

I finally got to sign a woman’s shirt! Well, she was fully clothed and her husband was standing there – so it wasn’t the “rock star” autographing that I had in mind, but it was a blast to do it anyway. Angie is awesome (and a really good shooter).

Glen & Angie-1Glen & Angie-2Glen & Angie-3

This is me and Chaz from the Road Gunner Podcast:

Glen & Chaz-1

This is Marc with a “C”, a MAG40 instructor and well known to listeners of the Gun Dudes podcast:

Glen & marC-1

This is Erik, a letter carrier from Pittsburgh who shot a perfect 300 score on the qualifier. This mailman can shoot:

Glen & Erik-2

This is Sticks, a podcaster from the Armed Squirrels Project:


I did alright on this target (4 yards, 18 rounds):


The TSP Gear Shop, who does all the 299 hats, stickers, shirts, and patches, donated some of the awesome “Untrained Civilian Goofball” patches. Here’s John B, a great guy from SE Missouri, imitating the guy on the patch (who is me):


Here is me and my nemesis (just for fun) Jon Hoddaway of Nighthawk Custom Training. We did a hilarious exchange on a joint taping of the Road Gunner, Polite Society, and Armed Squirrels Project podcasts:


Yes, Jon makes me look super skinny and sexy.

If you ever get a chance to do a MAG 40 class, do it. The Gun Dudes have one coming up September 10- 13 in Utah. That’d be a hoot to attend.