The real “Joe Tantori” and his Rally Point rifle


“Joe Tantori” is a real guy.  He’s just like I describe in the books.  He really has a training facility and really is a Patriot.  Joe is an extremely interesting guy.

Joe is putting out a really great AR-15 that’s different: it has the latitude and longitude of his facility engraved on the lower – and this is the “Rally Point.”  As in, if you have one of his rifles, you have an invitation to come to his facility when the Collapse comes and be with like-minded people.  His facility is the Rally Point.

Here’s the web site about his rifle, which he calls the Ft. Discovery Expedition Rifle.  Here’s an interview with Joe about the Rally Point and the rifle on Bob Mayne’s Handgun World Podcast (Joe comes on at 20:23).

We’re at a thrilling time in our history.  Patriots are putting manufacturing rifles with the latitude and longitude of a rally point.  Think about that.