Audio Books: Top 10 Things You Can Do To Get The Word Out


People are asking me how they can get the word out about the audio books. A great question. The answer is:

1. Get Book One free by becoming an Audible subscriber starting with that book. Here’s the link to the Audible page for Book One.  If you do this and email me (glentate123 AT I will send you a signed book mark.  How does subscribing to Audible with Book One help get the message out? Audible (which is an Amazon company) knows that if people subscribe to Audible because of a book that the book is hot and motivating people to action. The Audible/Amazon computers start to promote that hot book with the “You Might Also Like” stuff.  Trust me, subscribing because of a particular book means thousands of more people will see the book on their computer screens. It’s the best way to get the message out.

2. Think of people you know who will listen to audio book instead of reading. Some people are listeners and others are readers. Some people drive a lot and audio books are great for them.

3.  Do a review of the books on Audible or Amazon.  Same thing with the Audible/Amazon computers: they know that a book is hot if people are reviewing it.

4.  Get the Whispersync version on Kindle. This is cool: If you have the Kindle version of a book, you can upgrade to the audio book version for only a couple of bucks. This, too, tells the Audible/Amazon computers that a book is hot and thousands of “You May Also Like” suggestions follow.

5. Forums! Get on forums and post a thread about the books and the audio books in particular. This is huge.

6.  Facebook post.  Put up a post about the audio books. You can link to this blog post with all the details:

7. Facebook share. Share posts on Facebook about the audio books.

8.  Sign up for the free bonus chapters by email. You can do that on the home page of You’ll get occasional updates on the books, including the audio books, from these emails. You also get the really cool free bonus chapters emailed to you. For free.

9.  Email and Facebook message your friends about the audio books. You can include the link with the details (

10. Tell friends about the books and that they’re out now on audio book!

Thanks everyone. You are making 299 Days more than a book – it’s a message to get prepared.