AUDIO BOOKS!!! You can pre-order now!



This is huge! You’ll see why this is such a big deal below, but first the important details:

  • You can pre-order Book One now and the rest of the books soon. The remaining books should be available for pre-order about every two weeks.
  • All ten audio books will be released on October 26th – the 299th day of the year!
  • You can get Book One free by becoming an Audible subscriber.  (Audible is the Amazon of audio books. There are over two million Audible subscribers.) Being an Audible subscriber is like Netflix: you get certain number of books a month and it’s much less expensive than buying each one separately. To get Book One free, go to the pre-order page and hit the button “Learn About How to Get This Free.” If you become an Audible subscriber by getting Book One for free, I will mail you a signed book mark (more on that below).
  • It’s easy to give the audiobooks as gifts. The audio book is emailed on the release date to the person you’re giving it to. Here is more information on how to give an Audible audio book as a gift.
  • If you already have the books on Kindle, you can get the audio book upgrade for about $1.99 by selecting the Whispersync feature on the Kindle item.  If you’ve read the books, you’ll want to listen to them too, for reasons I describe below.
  • You can listen to the audio books anywhere, anytime via an app for your iPhone, iPad, Kindle, Android, Windows phone, or computer. Here is more information on all the formats on which you can listen to the books.
  • This is your chance to get the 299 Days message out to people who don’t like to read – but would easily listen to a great audio book. Think of all the people you know who don’t read much, but have time to listen to a great story. Get them the audio books.
  • The narrator, Kevin Pierce, is amazing. He’s really, really good. More information on him appears below.
  • There’s a link to a free sample chapter of the Book One audio book at the bottom of this post so you can hear the narrator reading part of the book for yourself.

Now that all the important details are out of the way, I’m bursting with enthusiasm to tell you about why this is no ordinary audio book release.

Audible, which is by far the biggest seller of audio books, is really backing 299 Days. They gave us the very, very rare honor of pre-sales – and over two months of pre-sales, which is extremely rare. Audible is treating 299 Days as one of their big launches.

If you’re not an Audible subscriber, please become one by getting Book One for free. Starting your subscription with 299 Days really, really helps us – and will allow us to get the word out about the series to many more people.  (You can cancel your subscription at any time.) Make sure that 299 Days is your first purchase as a new subscriber. It’s so important, and I would be so appreciative, that I will send you a signed book mark if you start your Audible subscription with a 299 Days book. It’s easy to get your book mark: just send me an email (glentate123 AT with your name and address and I’ll mail one out.  (I do this all myself; I’m not big enough to have a staff!)

We got one of the very best narrators in the audio book world to narrate and produce this series. Kevin Pierce has narrated more audio books via Audible’s ACX system than any other person on the planet. He’s good. Kevin has several best sellers to his name. We had 212 narrators audition for this series. Kevin was the one. I can honestly say that this story doesn’t really come to life until Kevin Pierce reads it. Kevin can read my mind and tell my story better than I can.

Listening to the audio books, even if you’re already read them in print, adds a tremendous new dimension to the story. You get much more out of the story hearing it than simply reading it. You will discover new facets of the story from the audio books. I did, and I wrote them!

So, in sum, Audible is rolling out the red carpet for this series, you can get Book One free (and a signed bookmark) by starting your subscription to Audible with a 299 Days book, you can pre-order the books now, all ten come out on October 26th, they’re easy to give as gifts, the narrator is amazing, and you will get much more out of the story by listening to them even if you’ve already read the story in print.

Let’s get the 299 Days message out to even more people with audio books.

PS: Here is a free sample of Book One – you can hear the narrator reading the Prologue from the beginning of Book One!