How to get 100 rolls of toilet paper into one 45 gallon storage tub


Toilet paper will be like gold when SHTF.  Ask survivors of the Argentine collapse of 2001, the Russian collapses of the 1990s, and Katrina survivors.

But with that tube in the middle of a roll, toilet paper takes up a lot of space.  Not anymore.

I put several rolls in a Ziplock Space Bag, the kind you put the vacuum nozzle on and it sucks all the air out.  (Costco currently has them in a package of assorted sizes for cheap.)

I suck the air out of the bag and tap down on the rolls with a mallet.  This collapses the tube in the middle and makes the toilet paper extremely flat.

Oh, and a bonus: your TP is airtight and dry.  It pops right back up when you let air in.  The perfect way to store TP – and save a ton of space in the process.

Hope this works for you.

Keep on prepping’.