Name tapes for gun socks


Here’s a cool idea I came up with that maybe you can use.

I have my rifles in those Bore Stores silicone gun sock protectors, you know, like this:


Bore Store gun socks have a velcro enclosure at the end:


But the gun socks all look alike in the safe.  So I had Tactical Tailor make some specialized name tapes for me that go on the velcro closure at the end of the gun sock:


You’ll note a little velcro tab at the far right end of the name tape; this allows the velcro end of the Bore Store to close.  You end up with this:


I color code each type of rifle and use different colors of stitching to tell the guns apart at a glance:


If you’re interested in getting some of these, contact Tactical Tailor and ask for Caitlin.  (I don’t make any money off of this; it’s just a cool thing I’m sharing with 299ers.)