Why Masculinity Matters – Now, But Especially During the Collapse


This three-minute video of a bunch of modern wussy males illustrates perfectly what most “enlightened” Americans think in our feminized culture: there should be no differences between men and women.

I strongly disagree for two reasons.  One is life-or-death.  One is quality of life.  Those are pretty big deals.

First, the life-and-death reason. When the Collapse hits, trying to pretend men and women are not different will get people KILLED and RAPED.  All those feminized males out there will assume the gangs roaming around freely (because the cops are gone) will treat women with the same respect the hipsters have for women.  Wrong.  Deadly and tragically wrong.

How can “smart” people like the well educated hipsters be so wrong?  Easy.  All these upper-income, sheltered, weak males have no idea what bad people are like – they’ve never met any in their nice subdivisions or hip urban apartments.  Worse yet, these brainwashed wusses actually think the only bad male behavior in the entire world is done by “rednecks.”  Like in the (icky, icky) South.  The feminized males think the only thing keeping women down is traditional American male values.  (Traditional men are actually great for women, but that’s a long blog post for another day.)

Here’s another practical way that wussified thinking will get people killed and hurt after the Collapse: the fear of being “macho.”  A fair number of modern males (I can’t call them “men”) will feel guilty or weird about defending women.  That’s acting “macho,” which is the absolute worst thing a wussified male can do.  During the Collapse, feminized males will hesitate to raise their voices – let alone raise an (icky, icky) gun – to defend women.  The gangs will laugh, kill the men, and rape the women.

The second reason I disagree with the idea that men and women aren’t different is quality of life – for both men and women.  (This applies now, before the Collapse, but will also apply during the Collapse.)  Most men want to be men and most women want to be women.  In general, men like to be masculine and women like to be feminine.  It took decades of public school and TV sit coms to drive this (natural) way of thinking out of us.  But, when no one is looking, most men like a good steak.  And most women, when no one is looking, like to bake cookies.  I mean, cookies are delicious.  I rest my case.

Trust me: Men and women are much, much happier in a relationship when each one can act like his or her gender.  Ask a woman who unsuccessfully nagged her husband but then gave up and let him go be a man – life is better in the house.  Most men will treat a woman like a queen when she treats him well.  Both are happier (and the sex is better!  For both of them!)

Oh, and for anyone thinking I’m some caveman who thinks women are inferior, I note that my wife is a doctor.  She’s very tough and very smart, and can do tons of things I can’t do.  And that’s OK.  I’m a man and can do tons of things she can’t do.  You see the picture?  Men and women are different.   And that’s OK.