Your moral obligation to help ultra liberal dumb asses during the Collapse – or not

Do you have a moral obligation to help everyone during the Collapse, including people like this:




Is it your duty to help someone who is so stupid and brainwashed that they think a BB gun for $39.44 a is a “sniper rifle”?

I’ve changed my mind on this question.  And I’m curious what your thinking is on this.

I used to think that I had an obligation to help just about everyone when the Collapse hits.  I thought that God had given me some skills and put me in the path of people like the Team and that we should take what God gave us and save anyone who needed help.  Anyone.  Maybe you did too or still do.

I still firmly believe that God has put me in a position to help people when the Collapse hits.  I also believe that we have a duty to help the innocent – you know, people who for the past several decades haven’t mocked us and supported a system of taxation that steals about half of what we own.

But that second part, the thing about helping anyone?  Nah.  Not anymore.

It’s simple.  Why would I risk my life, my family’s lives, or my Team’s lives to help someone like that $39.44 “sniper rifle” idiot?  Why would I give precious supplies like food or water or medicine to that idiot?  That would be immoral because it wouldn’t be fair to me, my family, or my Team to put them at risk just so I can feel good about myself helping someone who would round me up and throw me in jail if they could.

Let that sink in.  Tens of millions of your fellow Americans want to throw you in jail or worse.  The $34.99 “sniper rifle” person obviously believes in gun control.  They obviously think horrible people – like you and me – can just put a “sniper rifle” in their Walmart cart and then go shoot people.  (Maybe while munching on some Oreos they also got at Walmart.)  Idiots like this would love to use government force to take our guns (which means risking the lives of police officers, not themselves of course).  This person is obviously not only stupid but also evil – they want to use force against you when you haven’t done anything wrong.

And you’re supposed to help these people?  Not at all.

Don’t feel bad during the Collapse when they beg for food or water and you walk right past them without saying a word.  Slowly shake your head and keep moving.  And keep an eye out for an ambush by them and their peace-loving Leftist friends who would steal your stuff if they could.  (They’ve already stolen about half of what you earn, so what’s a few cans of beans and a bottle of water?)

Is walking past these haters immoral?  Nope.  How can you justify to yourself, family, and friends squandering precious supplies so some dumb asses who would slit your throat in ten seconds can live another day?  Why – so the dumb asses can have more time to figure out how to hurt you and your loved ones?  How is that moral?

It’s not.  We all know about self-defense when it comes to using violence to defend yourself or loved ones.  Well, the same is true about self-defense when it comes to not giving away your supplies to the detriment of yourself or loved ones.  Don’t be “nice” by helping the liberal dumb asses who demand your stuff.

This is different than actively harming them.  I will not just shoot people because they’re liberal idiots.  That would be immoral.  More importantly, I believe that when I die I must account to God for the decisions I made in my life.  “I put a couple rounds in his face because he had a Bernie Sanders bumper sticker” is not a good answer.

But here’s the cool thing: You don’t have to harm dumb asses when the Collapse hits.  They will already be in a world of hurt because they’re unprepared and dependent.  By simply walking past them, you will be giving them the justice they deserve because they done’t deserve your help.  But they don’t deserve to be shot just because you felt like it.  That’s the moral line, in my opinion: You don’t have to help these people, but you can’t harm them for no reason.  Just let them enjoy the socialist paradise they wanted: scarcity, hunger, government control, gangs, etc.  Hey, that’s what they wanted.  These are the people who actually thought Venezuela was a good idea; let them enjoy Venezuela-like living conditions.

If you’re bothered by the thought of not helping liberal idiots then think of it this way: Those people made hundreds or maybe thousands of choices over their lifetimes to be the intolerant, dependent, hate-filled shit bags they are.  They decided early on that getting people to give them things was easier than working.  They decided over and over again to not check into the facts – such as simply looking at the box with the BB gun in it to see that it was, indeed, a BB gun.  They cast their lot with the easy life of taking, whining, and guilting people into giving them things – and then hating the people who work hard and love freedom.  Like you.

There will be plenty of innocent and decent people to help during the Collapse.  Do so.  Prep hard now so you can help as many good people as possible here very shortly.  Focus on people who deserve help – and that’s not everyone.  Get used to making hard decisions like this now.  It’s better to work these moral issues out in your head now than when you’re stressed, tired, and hungry.  Get mentally tough now.

Oh, and if you feel like you really need to help a liberal dumb ass, give them one of those $34.99 “sniper rifles” you got at Walmart.