We’re not “fantasizing about the collapse of society” – we’re just getting ready for it

Hornings Mills, Ontario, Canada: Bruce Beach gets in for a close-up out front of the entrance to the Ark Two. Photo Credit: Sharp Entertainment / Corey Wascinsky

This guy is a lunatic. You’re not. Let me explain why.

A friend of mine in law enforcement was attending one of those mandatory “anti-terrorism” trainings put on by the Department of Homeland Security. You know the kind: the only terrorists are people with Ron Paul stickers on their car, there is no such thing as Islamic terrorists, etc. etc.

During the training, the 299 Days book series came up as an example of the “mindset” of those anti-government “terrorists.” My friend raised his hand and said that if you read the books you’d know that’s not true. But that’s not what this post is about.

The Homeland Security guy said books like 299 Days appeal to those who “fantasize about the collapse of society.”

Wrong. Flat-ass wrong.

First of all, if that Homeland Security hack had actually talked to one of us, he would have known that none of us want violence, starvation, disease, and everything else that comes from a collapse. But that’s not what this blog post is about.

This government and media talking point about preppers “fantasizing about the collapse of society” is really their theory that preppers want society to fall apart because we’re losers in society. You know, we’re the lunatics hiding in bunkers who believe UFOs are part of a UN plot. We’re not “well-adjusted” to society like “normal” people. We’re “misfits” who can’t get along with normal people, so we want a reset of society and then we won’t have to deal with those normal people.

Wrong. Flat-ass wrong. Again.

Take me for example. I am the most social person you’ll ever meet. I have a successful marriage of over 25 years and two grown kids who love me. That’s kinda hard to pull off if you can’t interact with people. I persuade people for a living (lawyer and lobbyist); that’s hard to do if you’re a snarling lunatic. I make total strangers laugh out loud. I get along with everyone, whether they’re poor (like I used to be) or rich or in the middle. I have good friends who are black, Latino, Asian, Arab, disabled and even – gasp! – gay. The people I hung out with so far today are: a former football player, teacher, waitress, small business owner, doctor, and soldier.

So tell me again how I can’t get along with people.

I bet a lot of you are the same way. Your lives are perfect examples of how you can get along just fine in modern society.

It’s just that we can see society is headed for a big change. We plan accordingly. We are working well within society now, but are ready for it to change.

Since when is that a bad thing?