It’s illegal for conservatives to defend themselves: Why Michael Stickland is a political prisoner

Michael Stickland is a conservative alternative journalist in Portland who covers Leftist protests on his channel called “Laughing at Liberals.” He goes to the protests and videos all the violence they commit. They hate him.

He was jumped a few months ago and severely beaten by an anti-Second Amendment activist. Here’s the video (that crunching sound at 0:04 is his shoulder being broken). He knew the identity of the attacker (the guy drove away and his license plate is clearly visible) but the police never got around to arresting him. His shoulder has never recovered from the beating he endured by the “peaceful protestor.”

Learning his lesson that you can’t defend yourself without a weapon, he obtained an Oregon concealed carry permit and took extensive training on the safe use of a defensive firearm. Everyone has a right to defend themselves. What could go wrong?

Last summer he was covering a Black Lives Matter protest and a crowd of thugs, who recognized him and shouted out his name, taunted him as he was trying to escape. Then they charged him. He drew his weapon but did not fire. Here is the video of what happened. Four police officers who saw the video said no crime was committed and Michael clearly acted in self-defense.

He is now facing decades in prison.

Why? Because Portland, Oregon, like many liberal-controlled cities, hates people like Michael Strickland. The trial was a total travesty with a “surprise” prosecution witness, who Michael’s attorneys were not allowed to talk to in advance, being allowed to suddenly testify after the prosecution rested its case. (I’m a lawyer and have never in my life heard of this in my entire life.)

In my opinion, the prosecutor in Portland wants to “make nice” with Black Lives Matter and offered up Michael as a sacrifice to curry political favor. This is why I think Michael Strickland is a political prisoner. His political beliefs meant that he was prosecuted when others are not, all for the political benefit of the government. That’s the classic definition of a political prisoner. That’s Michael Strickland.

Portland officials want to make it illegal for conservatives to defend themselves, and by throwing Michael Strickland in jail forever they have succeeded. Black Lives Matter can burn down entire sections of a city but you can’t defend yourself, and they like it that way.

Don’t let them get away with it. Donate to Michael’s legal defense fund here.