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Everyone always asks, “When’s your next book coming out?”

Well, a book I’m involved with is coming out in a few months. Two books, actually: one fiction, one non-fiction.

I guess you’ll have to listen to this speech I gave to find out about it.

A big, formal announcement – with lots of fanfare – will be coming in a few months when the books are actually available.



Michael Strickland is going to prison – you could be next









A fellow Patriot needs your help. This is a rare instance in which you can actually do something directly to protect freedom. I usually don’t ask you guys to do stuff like this, but this is an exception. Please help here.

Michael Strickland is a conservative/libertarian alternative journalist who was surrounded by a mob of “protesters” (leftist thugs) and he drew his lawfully owned and carried pistol in self defense.

Michael is now facing 50 years in prison after an absolute kangaroo court of a “trial.” It would take too long to tell you all the absolutely unAmerican things that happened in that “trial”; please read this for a summary. Your jaw will drop. I’ve honestly never seen anything like this in an American court. And that’s saying something.

This could be you soon. Seriously. What happened to him will happen to Patriots in the lead-up to the Collapse. Looks like we’re already there…

If you donate $50 to his legal defense fund, I will sign one of the stickers that have been made for him and mail it to you – with my sincere thanks.

Here is the donation page. Under the “Donation Category” there is a pull down menu; choose “Michael Strickland Defense Fund.” Just send me an email at glentate123 AT saying you donated and giving me your mailing address, and I’ll autograph and mail out the signed sticker.

Please, let’s help Michael. You could be next. Seriously.


It’s illegal for conservatives to defend themselves: Why Michael Stickland is a political prisoner

Michael Stickland is a conservative alternative journalist in Portland who covers Leftist protests on his channel called “Laughing at Liberals.” He goes to the protests and videos all the violence they commit. They hate him.

He was jumped a few months ago and severely beaten by an anti-Second Amendment activist. Here’s the video (that crunching sound at 0:04 is his shoulder being broken). He knew the identity of the attacker (the guy drove away and his license plate is clearly visible) but the police never got around to arresting him. His shoulder has never recovered from the beating he endured by the “peaceful protestor.”

Learning his lesson that you can’t defend yourself without a weapon, he obtained an Oregon concealed carry permit and took extensive training on the safe use of a defensive firearm. Everyone has a right to defend themselves. What could go wrong?

Last summer he was covering a Black Lives Matter protest and a crowd of thugs, who recognized him and shouted out his name, taunted him as he was trying to escape. Then they charged him. He drew his weapon but did not fire. Here is the video of what happened. Four police officers who saw the video said no crime was committed and Michael clearly acted in self-defense.

He is now facing decades in prison.

Why? Because Portland, Oregon, like many liberal-controlled cities, hates people like Michael Strickland. The trial was a total travesty with a “surprise” prosecution witness, who Michael’s attorneys were not allowed to talk to in advance, being allowed to suddenly testify after the prosecution rested its case. (I’m a lawyer and have never in my life heard of this in my entire life.)

In my opinion, the prosecutor in Portland wants to “make nice” with Black Lives Matter and offered up Michael as a sacrifice to curry political favor. This is why I think Michael Strickland is a political prisoner. His political beliefs meant that he was prosecuted when others are not, all for the political benefit of the government. That’s the classic definition of a political prisoner. That’s Michael Strickland.

Portland officials want to make it illegal for conservatives to defend themselves, and by throwing Michael Strickland in jail forever they have succeeded. Black Lives Matter can burn down entire sections of a city but you can’t defend yourself, and they like it that way.

Don’t let them get away with it. Donate to Michael’s legal defense fund here.

We’re not “fantasizing about the collapse of society” – we’re just getting ready for it

Hornings Mills, Ontario, Canada: Bruce Beach gets in for a close-up out front of the entrance to the Ark Two. Photo Credit: Sharp Entertainment / Corey Wascinsky

This guy is a lunatic. You’re not. Let me explain why.

A friend of mine in law enforcement was attending one of those mandatory “anti-terrorism” trainings put on by the Department of Homeland Security. You know the kind: the only terrorists are people with Ron Paul stickers on their car, there is no such thing as Islamic terrorists, etc. etc.

During the training, the 299 Days book series came up as an example of the “mindset” of those anti-government “terrorists.” My friend raised his hand and said that if you read the books you’d know that’s not true. But that’s not what this post is about.

The Homeland Security guy said books like 299 Days appeal to those who “fantasize about the collapse of society.”

Wrong. Flat-ass wrong.

First of all, if that Homeland Security hack had actually talked to one of us, he would have known that none of us want violence, starvation, disease, and everything else that comes from a collapse. But that’s not what this blog post is about.

This government and media talking point about preppers “fantasizing about the collapse of society” is really their theory that preppers want society to fall apart because we’re losers in society. You know, we’re the lunatics hiding in bunkers who believe UFOs are part of a UN plot. We’re not “well-adjusted” to society like “normal” people. We’re “misfits” who can’t get along with normal people, so we want a reset of society and then we won’t have to deal with those normal people.

Wrong. Flat-ass wrong. Again.

Take me for example. I am the most social person you’ll ever meet. I have a successful marriage of over 25 years and two grown kids who love me. That’s kinda hard to pull off if you can’t interact with people. I persuade people for a living (lawyer and lobbyist); that’s hard to do if you’re a snarling lunatic. I make total strangers laugh out loud. I get along with everyone, whether they’re poor (like I used to be) or rich or in the middle. I have good friends who are black, Latino, Asian, Arab, disabled and even – gasp! – gay. The people I hung out with so far today are: a former football player, teacher, waitress, small business owner, doctor, and soldier.

So tell me again how I can’t get along with people.

I bet a lot of you are the same way. Your lives are perfect examples of how you can get along just fine in modern society.

It’s just that we can see society is headed for a big change. We plan accordingly. We are working well within society now, but are ready for it to change.

Since when is that a bad thing?